Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The return of Crack Skull Bob

I've been taking a look at a few more illustrated blogs and one that I very much like the look of for both insight, visual impact and humour is "The Return of Crack Skull Bob" by Wally Torta at www.wallytorta.com (I haven't quite worked out yet why it's called that but I guess he probably had a good reason.)

And Wally very much qualifies on the sustainable blogging front having been blogging for a year now.

It's going in my blogroll of illustrated blogs and I'm definitely subscribing as well.

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Sparky said...

Well, thank you, Katherine, you've put me in good company indeed. You have an ambitious agenda here, and I wish you well in pursuing it. As for Crack Skull Bob...pure nonsense.

Making A Mark said...

No matter Wally - it's a pleasure to have you on board. It was the kitchen drawing, the snow storm post (tee hee) and your life drawing lady with the pencil who converted me!

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