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24th September 2012 - Who's made a mark this week?

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Two artists who are well known to me featured in items online this week which reveal more about them and their artistic practices - and their motivations about drawing and sketching.  The themes which link the two of them are their enthusiasm, their addiction to sketching and their work rates.

Recent NYC Sketches by Liz Steel
  • The first is an Interview with Liz Steel - that's the amazing Australian architect Liz Steel (Liz and Borromini) who has boundless energy and enthusiasm when it comes to sketching.  This is an on Art by Wiley - a two hander blog by Kim and Jodi Wiley.  Jodi did the interview and asked some excellent questions - which got some excellent responses.
Q. What tips would you give to someone just starting out in keeping a regular sketchbook?
A. My three standard phrases are • Just do it… • Practice practice practice • No such thing as talent - it is all desire and ‘hard work’

Even when I'm not painting I have to draw someone, every single day.  My motto is "sketch, sketch, sketch, draw, draw, draw"....I would say there's no short cut, it is hard work.
I'll now curtail the alliteration(!) and return to the rest of this post.

However, not before a quick explanation as to why this is late and what's happening next weekend. We've got the quinquennial visit by my sister and her family who live in Australia happening at the moment - hence why normal routines are not being observed.  We've also got a major family celebration next weekend so "who's made a mark this week" will either be late or deferred.

Now for the rest of "who's made a mark this week?"

Last week James Gurney (Gurney Journey) highlighted Nina's Alaska Sketchbook on his blog.  Nina Khashchina (Apple Pine) had read a blog post James wrote back in January about a unique residency opportunity in Alaska.  So she applied and was accepted and this summer spent some time in Sitka and was then the Artist-In-Residence in South Baranof Wilderness Area.
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Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry
Folio 8, verso: September
by the Limbourg Brothers
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  • Lots of artists work hard for "recognition" and signature membership of art societies. Here's Robert Genn's (Painters Keys) take on the topic of credentials and Those Important Letters - and whether they really matter to people who buy paintings - and whether they should matter to artists
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Making A Mark Opinion Poll

The September Making A Mark opinion Poll has been posted late this month - but can be found over in the right hand column.
  • See POLL: What's the best method of promoting art sales? for the explanation of what it's about. 
  • At the moment it's not getting a lot of responses which is making me think maybe people don't actually promote their art much.  But that can't be true can it?

  • If you've ever doubted the wisdom of getting your art online, it's worth reminding ourselves from time to time how much the Internet has changed things and continues to change and is an increasingly important factor in many people's lives.  This is an InfoGraphic which shows What Happens in an Internet Minute?
  • Get past the fact that the content has nothing to do with art and examine this Problogger post about 5 Fatal Landing Page Mistakes—and How To Fix Them.  Once you've decided to be business-like about your art, you might as well be business-like in a way which is effective!
  • If you use Feedburner for your blogging feeeds you'll be aware that Feedburner Stats have been reading ZERO for the number of subscribers and visits to a blog. Google has finally got round to acknowledging that their Feedburner Statistics are not working and need fixing - see The FeedBurner Status Blog: Known Issue: Subscriber Counts and Stats [Update: we're now back to normal after a lengthy hiatus)
and finally....

Having a celebration?  How about a Van Gogh Cake?  Have you ever made an "arty" cake?


    1. Thanks ever so much for the feature here, it's highly appreciated!

    2. as a graphite artist i highly enjoyed this post!! i especially loved visiting Nina Khashchina's blog with her adventures in Alaska! She mentioned some tool i need to look into!!thanks!


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