Saturday, September 08, 2012

John Moores Painting Prize 2012 - Shortlisted Artists

The artists shortlisted for The John Moores Painting Prize 2012 - the UK's biggest contemporary painting prize - have been announced.  They are - in alphabetical order

The Greater Light by Biggs & Collings
2012, oil on canvas, 203.5 x 203 cm
The Greater Light by Biggs & Collings.
A vast and intricate pattern forms a joint entry by married couple; Emma Biggs, who conceives the painting’s colour and broadcaster, Mathew Collings, who applies it. 
(More about Biggs & Collings)

M is many by Ian Law

2011, oil on linen, 232.7 x 276.2 cm
M is many by Ian Law
A large black letter 'M' takes up the whole canvas, delineating the space and confusing perspectives.
(More about Ian Law)

Gallery by Stephen Nicholas
2011, oil on canvas, 152 x 183 cm
Gallery by Stephen Nicholas
Part of a series of works, this eerie painting explores a number of dualities, including gallery/institution and abstraction/figuration.
(More about Stephen Nicholas)

Stevie Smith and the Willow by Sarah Pickstone.
2011, oil, enamel and acrylic on aluminium panel, 198.3 x 229 cm
Stevie Smith and the Willow by Sarah Pickstone
A haunting and delicate scene inspired by Smith's drawing to accompany her 1957 poem, Not Waving But Drowning.
(More about Sarah Pickstone)

Untitled Kerbstone Painting (MJK) by Narbi Price
2012, Acrylic on canvas, 91.5 x 122 cm
Untitled Kerbstone Painting (MJK) by Narbi Price
The worn yellow diamond patterns of the corner of a loading bay with the scuffed marks of activity on the walls and surfaces.
(More about Narbi Price)

The winner of the John Moores Painting Prize 2012 will be announced by Sir Peter Blake next saturday on the opening day of the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art.

The 2012 judges are
  • Alan Yentob, creative director of the BBC; 
  • previous John Moores exhibitors and Turner Prize nominees, George Shaw and Angela de la Cruz; 
  • Merseyside-born YBA and Turner Prize nominee Fiona Banner, and 
  • director of the Whitechapel, Iwona Blazwick.



  1. Is it just me but I can only see 1 work that I would actually describe as a painting? Britain has some of the worlds finest painters and this is what they come up with....I must be getting old!

  2. I'll reserve judgement until I see them in the flesh in a few weeks, but first impressions are if these are the best what are the rest like???

  3. UK biggest competition for most crappy works. Unclog your Imagination. The pick of the gutters.
    Apparently judges are freshly released from certain institutions.
    Why the selection can not be made by public. I am sure the work will be more acceptable.

  4. There is quite visible disconnect between general aesthetics shared by most of us (the Public) and Judges. I think everybody is already tired of people telling us that we are not grownup enough to be ABLE TO MAKE OWN DECISIONS. THE ONLY OUTCOME is bad for the competition as more and more of us will come to conclusion that it is waste of time to even look at the images pick ed up by the "judges" It is quite interesting how they think and how well / deeply they are indoctrinated by the "art concept" developed in recent years to be able make choices like that.
    First the apparently do not recognize anymore something like concept of "Quality"

  5. Hmmm.. 'interesting' choice of 'winners'.. but then my painting didn't get past the first hurdle so I'm probably just a bitter also-ran. Actually The Greater Light looks quite beautiful.. but also a bit like wrapping paper.

  6. Really? perhaps it is just me, but I seriously don't get it! It seems to reward photography and scribbles as being the best "art" in the UK :-(


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