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16th September 2012 - Who's made a mark this week?

Winner of the John Moores Painting Prize 2012
Stevie Smith and the Willow'
2011, oil, enamel and acrylic on aluminium panel, 198.3 x 229 cm

© Sarah Pickstone
Some of you commented on the choice of shortlisted artwork for the John Moores Painting Prize in my recent post about John Moores Painting Prize 2012 - Shortlisted Artists.

We now know who won what is billed as "Britain's most prestigious painting prize"

Sarah Pickstone has won the biennial John Moores Painting Prize with 'Stevie Smith and the Willow' which references Stevie Smith's best known poem

This is a link to an item in The Poetry Archive and Stevie Smith talking about poetry and the poem Not Waving But Drowning.

She also talks about creating drawings to accompany her poems.

This is the Liverpool Daily Post article Sarah Pickstone wins John Moores Painting Prize with Stevie Smith picture which includes an interview with the winner.

More about the Exhibition

You can:
Artists and Art Blogs

Drawing and Sketching
Art Business & Marketing

Making A Mark Opinion Poll - The Best Place to Sell Art

I provided feedback for this annual poll via three separate posts and associated charts.  This year I changed the focus of the poll to look at income (turnover in different places) separately from the profit from those same places
  • I've neglected to start the September Making A Mark Poll so will do that tomorrow.  This s will be about the different ways people promote sales of their art.
More Art Business
Art Collectors and Art Economy

How rich art collectors spend their money
  • I came across an interesting magazine created by the Financial Times for those with more money than they have time to spend it - it offers advice on, guess - How to Spend it and has a section on Arts and Giving.  Here's a couple of articles on
  • Apparently wealthy collectors from Russia, India or the Middle East prefer to be in London - which is why big American galleries are also opening up branches in London - see New York eyes rich pickings in London
  • Apparently rich collectors don't take being sued by a gallery lying down. If you've ever worried about a relationship with a gallery, check out how galleries and rich clients behave! Perelman, Gagosian Gallery Sue Each Other Over Art Sales
The Big Art Fair Season
Arts Funding
Art Competitions

Prizewinners announced
Upcoming exhibitions
  • The Exhibition for the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition (First Prize £10,000) opens at the Mall Galleries tomorrow for one week only - from 17th - 22nd September. There's supposed to be a series of workshops and discussions to mark the 25th anniversary of this prestigious competition - but I can't find any evidence of these on the websites of the Mall Galleries or Parker Harris! For details of artists' workshops during the exhibition please contact Parker Harris on 01372 462190 or
  • The deadline for entry to the £1,500 Discerning Eye Drawing Bursary is 24 September 2012.  The work of the five shortlisted artists will be shown as part of the ING Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries. Click the link for further information and how to enter online.
Art Exhibitions

Exhibitions in London and the South East

Room 3 - Nature - works by Millais and Holman Hunt hang next to each other
(left to right) The Woodman's Daughter by Millais,
The Hireling Shepherd by Holman Hunt,
Ophelia by Millais
Exhibitions in the rest of the UK
USA Exhibitions
Art Education

Workshops and Classes
  • The final act in the Shepard Fairey HOPE Poster Saga comes as Presidential election campaigns get underway - one whole term after President Obama became President.  Artdaily reported No jail time for Obama 'HOPE' poster artist; ordered to do 300 hours of community service.  However, in addition, Shepard Fairey also has to (1) commit no crimes during two years of probation and (2) pay a $25,000 fine to the U.S. government.   It was only his charity work which led to his escape from a prison sentence.  I wonder if he'll be tempted to do another poster - after asking permission for use of the photo from the photographer this time!
Fairey has said he earned "modest" profits of $150,000 while a forensic accountant hired by the AP and cited in government papers estimated that Fairey earned gross profit of more than $1 million and a licensee of one of his companies earned about $988,000 (ArtDaily).

Do you have a problem leaving comments on Blogger blogs?  I'd like to know if anybody else is having difficulties leaving comments on their own blog or my blogs.  The reason for asking is that this week I suddenly could not post a comment to my own blogger blog.  I could moderate the comments of others and access the dashboard and publish posts - but I couldn't leave a comment.  However there was no problem in Firefox - just Chrome!

The problem was resolved in stopping my comments page from being embedded.  In other formats my Google account was recognised and I could leave comments.

Now I'm realising that embedded comment pages on other blogs are also inaccessible.

Do you have an embedded comments page and have you had problems?
and finally......

First he's a Doctor, then he becomes a TV pundit and now it would seem he's an artist and has been making paintings for the last 20 years!  See Harry Hill's 'secret' paintings at Edinburgh Art Festival

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