Monday, September 10, 2012

I went sketching instead!

Sir Winston Churchill's Studio at Chartwell
After a really dreadful year for rain, it's been sunny and warm this last week - which meant we've been getting out and about rather a lot.

Which is a roundabout way of saying there's no "Who's made a mark this week?" because yesterday we were at Chartwell.

You can see my sketch on Travels with aSketchbookView from the Chartwell swimming pool.

Above is a photograph of Sir Winston Churchill's studio - with that great big north facing window.

Today I've been at Tate Britain and tomorrow I'll be posting a review of the Pre-Raphaelites - Victorian Avant Garde exhibition. I'm just waiting for a catalogue to turn up!


  1. I read a novel last year called Mr Chartwell by Rebecca Hunt about Winston Churchill's struggle with depression. Mr Chartwell was an invisible black dog who harassed him and another main character. I never realized the connection that Chartwell is an actual place until now.

  2. Hi Katherine - I enjoyed seeing your sketch! We visited Chartwell in March, and I thought how wonderful it would be to sit down and make a drawing. I also loved seeing Churchill's study - those terrific windows and views - and the little stuffed animals as placeholders in the bookcases. Was a wonderful day trip from London.

  3. Yes - that's right - he likened his depression to a black dog.

  4. Fantastic studio looking so cool design. I wish if i ware visit the studio !!

  5. Katherine,
    Yeah, you work hard... take the time to sketch, for yourself, once in a while. Nice sketch too.
    Chartwell looks like a spectacular site. I love the view from the side with the walls.
    Have you done any views of the estate itself?

  6. I have - from when we visited in July. I've just realised I haven't posted them!

  7. It's always better to just go sketching, I say!

    1. I agree. Better to go sketching than sit in front of the computer.


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