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  • Copyright notices - repetition of the NOTICES relating to Making A Mark - in the side column and at bottom of the front page of this blog
  • Links to advice and information about Copyright for Artists

Copyright Notices


© Katherine Tyrrell 2005-17
Feel free to BOOKMARK and/or LINK to any of my sites from your site if you want a handy reference. However....

Unauthorised use, republishing, copying or any other duplication of ANY material on this blog without written permission is strictly prohibited - and I do take action if you do! 

Please respect the copyright of all artists featured here. Please do NOT pin images from this website on Pinterest. SEE NOTE AT BOTTOM.
(The above is the notice in the side column of this blog)

Do not copy without permission

© Katherine Tyrrell 2005-17 Unauthorised use or inappropriate duplication of images or text without written permission is prohibited.

Copyright is reserved on all images and text generated by Katherine Tyrrell on this blog and related sites.

Please also respect the copyright of all artists featured here. Copyright is retained by the originator for all images and text generated by others and used on this with their permission or within the context of "fair use".

You may quote a very short excerpt from the text only (equivalent to a short feed) PLUS include an accredited link with appropriate and specific direction to the original content and blog post. 
You can e-mail me (see 'About Me' above) if you want to
(1) purchase, licence, exhibit or display any of my artwork.
(2) get permission to copy any more than indicated above or
(3) use ANY text or images for publication elsewhere in print or online for commercial use. This is always subject to license and fee unless by prior written agreement.

All breaches of copyright and spam blogs will be reported to Google and their website host ISP for copyright infringement 
(The above is the notice at the bottom of the front page of this blog)

Copyright for Artists

On my Art Business Info for Artists website you can find an in-depth section on Copyright for Artists.  Here are the links to the section and sub-sections


​This site provides a reference about copyright, trademarks and brands for artists. Specifically:

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