Tuesday, August 04, 2020

How artists sign their art

When I said I'm not blogging, I should have said "except for posts about new content on my websites"! 

So today's post is about a new page I published a little while back - about how to sign your art - but did not publicise on this blog.

the monogram and date of this painting by Albrecht Durer
is obvious in size but restrained in colour and tone

How to sign a painting, drawing or fine art print is the third reincarnation of a page which started off some years ago and has been on two other websites

This NEW PAGE offers a structured introduction to artists signatures for ARTISTS
who want
  • to know more about the best way to sign and date a work of art
  • help with their signatures when using specific types of art media
  • Pros and Cons of signing your art
  • Initials, surname or change your name?
  • Monograms, initialed signatures & motifs
  • TIPS: How to sign your art
  • How to sign:
    • an oil painting
    • a dipytch/triptych
    • a watercolour painting
    • a pastel artwork
    • a drawing
    • a fine art print (limited edition)
    • a copy of another artwork
  • Signature Membership (of an Art Society)

PLUS POLLS about how artists sign their artwork

I've previously run polls which asked people how they signed their art. Those polls received over 2,000 responses

However I've had to restart the polls on this website - and below you can see current charts (since May) alongside my charts of some of the results from previous polls.

CURRENT (and previous) POLLS

The charts below cover:
  • size and location of the signature
  • whether you plan your signature in advance
  • whether or not to date your artwork
Current charts are in pink and the charts from previous polls are in multi-colours.

Do you date and sign your artwork

Sunday, August 02, 2020

I'm building websites in August!

This August I'm building websites for artists and will be back blogging regularly again in September. Apart from the off post here and there to say "I've finished xyz!" 

I do need sometimes to block out time to do things which keep getting postponed or bumped by the here and now.

Two NEW Websites

My BIG AIM is to see whether I can get two new websites with enough content so I can at least publish them as they have languished in draft for too long. These are:
  • Tips for Artists 
  • Fine Art Materials Guide for Artists


Basics and genres
TIPS FOR ARTISTS: Basics and Genres


Fine Art Materials Guide - for Artists
Fine Art Materials Guide - for Artists: some of the sections

PLUS Updating Existing websites with new content


I had a lovely day yesterday, getting the introduction to the Professional Practice Section of my Art Business Info for Artists website sorted.

Given the number of people currently being made redundant and hoping they can make a go of being a full-time artist I decided now is the time to get this section sorted!  I'm hoping to start a series of posts in September about things new full-time professional artists need to know about - or anybody aspiring to be one ASAP.

As a result of which content is better organised and the content also flows better on the page

So we have:
  • Professional Practice - This has content organised into three sections as follows:
    • Business HABITS for Organised and Effective Artists
    • Real Life as an Artist: Business PRACTICES
    • DEVELOPMENT: as an Artist and Manager of an Art Business
    • Please tell me what I've left out!
  • STARTING OUT: TIPS ​for an Emerging Artist
    • What you "need to know"
    • PLUS practical advice ​for working as a visual / fine artist
READ ON If you want.....
      • to be a success as an artist
      • to avoid failing as an artist
      • to be successful selling 'daily paintings'
      • to sell your art online
      • to exhibit your work
      • to be more productive
      • to be an artist as well as a parent
      • to develop your career
      • to get representation by a gallery
      • talk about the art business online
This section covers: various aspects of making a career as a professional artist - including
  • being a professional artist - definitions
  • the reality of earnings by artists
  • building a portfolio career
  • professional standards and contractual relationships
  • how to avoid legal problems & cons
  • reality checks
  • ​useful websites for learning more about the business of being an artist
PLUS on separate pages
The working lives of professional artists
The working lives of professional artists

At the end of the Professional Practice page there is a form in which YOU are invited to tell me about the things which you need to know more about or things you find challenging.
  • If I've got content covering your knowledge gaps on the website I'll point you towards it
  • Your comments will also influence the order in which I address topics.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Sky Arts to be free to everyone from September 2020

As from September Sky Arts is to become and "Art for Everyone" channel. It will become the only space on terrestrial TV dedicated solely to arts and culture.

Apparently the channel’s audiences increased by 50 per cent during lockdown!

In the meantime it looks like more paint along sessions - see below

In a nutshell, the notion is that
  • Sky Arts will embark on an ambitious programme of activity to support and champion the arts - so far as visual arts are concerned this includes 
    • Landmark, a series in 2021 in which artists and local communities across the UK will join forces to create the next great British landmark.
    • Portrait Artist of the Week, the live-streamed paint-along version of the channel’s flagship series ‘Portrait Artist of the Year’, has been confirmed to return this Autumn both on @SkyTV Facebook and Sky Arts, following its huge success during lockdown. 
    • Complementing this, Portrait Artist of the Year will return at the same time, with new celebrity sitters including Normal People’s Paul Mescal, First Dates front-of-house Fred Sirieux, singer Ray BLK and Sir Trevor McDonald.
    • Goldie: The Art That Made Me
    • Sky Arts Late, a new monthly arts and culture show.
    • Inside Art, presented by Kate Bryan, will explore leading exhibitions across the UK.
    • (I'm still waiting to hear what happened to Landscape Artist of the Year - I suspect it might have been abandoned)
  • Sky Arts will put artists, creatives, and public participation centre stage 
Freeview reaches 18 million living rooms. How can TV be your canvas in unprecedented times? What can we create together to keep you connected to an audience that can’t reach you in person? How can we ensure that the next generation of creators – be they dancers, singers, painters, designers, or poets – can continue to be inspired by what you do? Philip Edgar-Jones CEO of Sky Arts
  • It will launch a series of bursaries worth £30,000 each, enabling arts leaders to support and mentor emerging new artists.
  • everyone across the UK can watch the Sky Arts channel on Freeview.
As a creative business, we believe it’s important to have a thriving cultural sector. By making Sky Arts free for everyone we want to give more artists and arts organisations a platform to create and share their work and to bring more art and culture to everyone across the UK.Stephen van Rooyen
EVP and Chief Executive Officer, Sky UK and Europe
There's a bit of me that thinks - OK so that probably means not having to pay anybody willing to contribute their time for free.

There again it's great to get a new free channel - especially since the BBC's arts content started to slide with the cuts.

This article provides an interesting commentary - With the BBC at bay, Sky embraces the possibilities of the arts on TV | The Guardian Mark Lawson

So pros and cons maybe - let's see what it's like.....

I'll be continuing with my Now TV subscription to the Sky Arts Entertainment Pass - in part because that sounds as if it's going to be the only way to access the "on demand" and archive context on Sky Arts.

So maybe the new free channel is a sprat to catch a mackerel?

The Lynn Painter-Stainers Fish
14" x 18", coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

PS You can see who watches Sky Arts here - fascinating numbers!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Mall Galleries Art Society Exhibitions are back!

The Mall Galleries will reopen on the 1st September after being closed for five and half months.

BELOW you can find the list of the Art Gallery Exhibitions which will be taking place at the Mall Galleries in September, October and November 2020. 
  • all exhibitions will be following the government's health and safety covid-19 guidelines (see below)
  • All exhibitions are from 11am to 5pm unless otherwise indicated (note the later start time in the morning)
Click on the exhibition link to see the paintings already selected for the exhibition and posted on the Mall Galleries website.

The Mall Galleries have been closed for five and half months - but are reopening in SEPTEMBER

Covid-19 precautions

  • Note that bookings will be required and taken by the Mall Galleries. 
  • Further details regarding booking an appointment will be posted on Mall Galleries website and the society website (probably!) in due course
It looks to me as if there is only going to be one exhibition at a time and works will be spread across all three galleries to enable proper spacing of visitor.

I spotted this on the RP website - and assume it probably applies to every exhibition
  • Social distancing will apply. Please keep two metres apart from other visitors unless you are from the same household. (I'm thinking that probably needs to be changed to one metre)
  • You will be required to wear a face covering
  • There will be a one-way system in place
  • There will be sanitising points
  • Toilet facilities will be cleaned regularly
  • There will be no cafĂ© or shop until 2021
  • Any payments will be by card
I'd like to know whether seats are going to be available! I can't attend without one (I have a walk/sit routine) and I'm sure a lot of the other older visitors will feel the same. 

One final point - there's no word on Private Views but I assume these will probably not be held (unless very small affairs for members only) as they're very probably close to a recipe for creating a hotspot!

Federation of British Artists Societies

Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours

Images in the RI 208th Annual Exhibition

Royal Society of Portrait Painters

The exhibition will include 200 portraits across all three galleries. 

See also my blog post back in January LAST CALL - Annual Open Exhibition 2020 of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters - which explains why this is a great exhibition for aspiring portrait artists

from the Annual exhibition in 2019

Royal Society of Marine Artists

The deadline for entries for this exhibition has been extended. Submission now closes on 7 August at 12 noon and all selections will be made from digital entries - so nothing to lose if you enter a work. It either get in or it doesn't - and it all it costs is the entry fee!

This exhibition celebrates all aspects of the sea with themed works in a broad range of styles and media and will be seen across all three gallery spaces.

from the RSMA annual exhibition 2019

Society of Wildlife Artists

Submissions close: Friday 4 September, 12 noon - see Call for Entries: Society of Wildlife Artists Annual Exhibition 2020

New English Art Club

from the NEAC website

The New English Art Club Annual Exhibition is a chance to experience the very best in figurative, observational and painterly work in the UK.

NOTE: Although there is an event notice for the Society of Women Artists on the Mall Galleries, it is apparent from the exhibition listing and the dates of the exhibitions that this is in fact a mistake.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Bankside Gallery reopens - with a new exhibition

The Bankside Gallery - home of the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS) and Royal Society of Painter Printmakers (RE) - has reopened for a new Exhibition and viewings in person - in the gallery.

An exhibition "Summer at the Bankside Gallery" opens today
until 27th September 2020.

It comprises artwork - paintings and fine art prints - by members of both the RWS and the RE - although I think the latter has the edge in terms of quantity and quality of content.

While it says on the RE website that the exhibition is full of new work, I'm afraid I recognise a few as works I've seen before and the word "includes" might be more appropriate.

The Bankside Gallery and Exhibition are open daily (during exhibitions) between 11am and 6pm.  There are no indications of visitor controls on the website relating to
  • limits on visitor numbers
  • the need to pre-book a visit
although I do expect they will need to ask for names and addresses on entry re contact tracing.

However their email says
The safety of our visitors and colleagues is our top priority. We have been working hard to ensure that we can welcome you back to the Gallery safely, so you will notice a few changes and new measures in place on your next visit.
For the record "retail art galleries" come under the Covid-19 government guidance for Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) for retail shops and premises and section 2 indicates the type of provisions expected for "Keeping your customers and visitors safe".

There are no announcements as yet around events - and I'm guessing they might be somewhat more problematical.

Given they're three stops on the Tube for me, I may well break my duck (no public transport since March!) and venture forth to view the exhibition at some point - when I feel a bit more confident about safety arrangements. 

PS Today the Mall Galleries has posted that deferred art society exhibitions will be restarting on 1st September. I'll post more about this tomorrow.