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My NEW website Art Business - For Artists has been published (April 2015).

Links below which indicate (NEW SITE) are to web pages on the new site.

Other links will be moved to the new site in future weeks - the annotation next to the link indicates whether it's likely to be sooner or later.  All will be moved in due course.


Communicating with the customer

How to write an Artist's Resume or CV - Resources for Artists (NEW SITE)

How do you summarise your life as an artist for galleries, exhibitions and potential employment? Do you understand the difference between an artist's CV, artist resume and a bio - and how to write them? If you want to know what are the differences in terms of structure, content and the different purposes you use them for this site has information, advice and guidelines for you.

How to write an Artist's Statement - Resources for Artists (NEW SITE)

An Artist's Statement is essential - but lots of artists dread writing a statement about their art! This site provides links to various helpful and informative articles about
  • how to write an artist's statement, 
  • the sort of information it should contain, 
  • records you need to keep and 
  • how to tackle specific issues

How to write a press release for artists (NEW SITE) 

- a link to my free guide which you can read or download for free

Websites for Artists (NEW SITE) 

This section aims to introduce you to some of the basics of websites for artists. It will cover:
Coming soon are:
  • Websites for Art Societies
  • How to test your website
  • Technical Matters

Blogging for Artists (NEW SITE)

Are you an artist and want a blog? Or maybe an artist who wants to work on improving your blog? If you are then read on - you'll find links on this site to sources of advice, information, and all other matters which are relevant to blogging for artists and blogging by artists.  It focuses first on blogging basics, then on blogging for artists. Finally it covers some problems encountered by artists who blog and how to deal with them

Email Newsletter Software - A Guide

Are you confused by the different software options for generating a newsletter delivered via email? You're certainly not alone - and this site is starting to try and sort out what are the free and paid options and how they compare. Plus tips on using newsletters and email.
On this site you can find:
- a checklist of things to think about when choosing email newsletter software
- a list of free webware which allows you to deliver newsletters online
- a list of paid software sites which can deliver email newsletters (note some are dedicated and others are a function within a bigger package)
- lots of tips on what to do when using email newsletters

Copyright for Artists (NEW SITE) 

Copyright for Artists 

Outlines the contents of this section and introduces copyright

Selling Art

This section focuses on selling via third parties, selling online and selling direct.

  • A Guide to Art Dealers and Galleries (NEW SITE) - this focuses on retail galleries and how they operate
  • A Guide to Art Agents & Consultants (NEW SITE)- this focuses on agents for illustrators and fine artists and consultants for corporate clients, art collectors and artists needing art business and marketing advice
  • How to pack, post and ship art - once you've sold you art you now need to get it to the customer safely - How do you pack art? How do you post art? What about international deliveries? What about customs? How do you get it back again? This site doesn't pretend to have the answers to all the very many questions people have about getting art from artist to purchaser or from artist to exhibition and back again - but it's a start!
  • Print Art on Demand - Resources for Artists (MOVING SOON) - Are you interested in having your artwork printed using print on demand technology? Do you want to check out who are the suppliers and what people think of them? Find out about:
    • what is print on demand / publish on demand?
    • suppliers of print on demand services for art - and reviews
    • suppliers of print on demand services for printed publications (eg marketing materials and books)
  • Online Art Galleries and Stores - Resources for Artists (MOVING SOON) Any number of services want to help you to get your ORIGINAL ART online - but do they actually work and which is the best? If you're trying to find out more about online art galleries and print-on demand services this is the site for you!  Do some research before you make a decision as to which online art gallery or print-on-demand service to use and AVOID BEING DISAPPOINTED with the choice you make.  Unlike their offline counterparts (who provide customers with independently audited data), it's very difficult to get marketing data about traffic from the companies.  In contrast, this site provides charts created by a third party ( which uses the same source data for US traffic for all sites to make it easier to compare the traffic they each receive.
  • Sell Daily Paintings - Resources for Artists (MOVING SOON) - Do you want to know more about how to sell daily paintings online - or improve your knowledge about the painting a day movement generally? Check out this site to find out about websites which aim to help daily painters to sell their art online. Whether you are an emerging or experienced artist, this site will provide you with a link to information and advice about:
    •  driving traffic to your blog or website
    • - find out about tools and webware which can help with ecommerce for daily painters
    • - reviewing the various sites offering to help you sell your art online

Money and Taxes

This section provides advice and information about:

How to Price Your Art  (NEW SITE)

Find out more about the importance of price, what your pricing options are and what other artists are doing. It covers:

Tax Tips for Artists  (NEW SITE) - Tax tips by artists for artists - but this does not constitute professional advice but gives you a lead on what issues to consider and what questions to ask if you need more advice.

VAT for Artists  (NEW SITE) Find out about VAT and how it affects
Value Added Tax (VAT) is a topic of interest to:
  • artists living in the European Union
  • international artists wishing to exhibit in the European Union (EU)
  • art societies wanting to hold exhibitions involving international artists
  • galleries wanting to sell work by international artists in the UK and by UK artists to customers within the EU.

Insurance for Art and Artists  (NEW SITE) - This provides an overview of different types of insurance relevant to art and artists
  • insurance for an artist's assets and art business liabilities
  • public liability insurance relating to third parties
  • specialist insurance for artists
  • specialist insurance for art businesses

The Art Legacy - Estate Planning for Artists & Art Collectors  (NEW SITE)

What should happen to the art after an artist's death - or the death of an art collector?  It's an issue which people often avoid dealing with - sometimes until it's too late.  This site highlights:

  • checklist of issues for artists to consider when planning the disposal of their estates
  • checklist of issues that art collectors need to get to grips with prior to death
  • some of the difficulties which the estates of famous artists have experienced due to mistakes, omissions and poor estate planning
  • links to what seem to be useful sources of helpful information and advice.

The Bigger Picture

The Art Business for Artists  (MOVING SOON)

Do you want to know more about the business side of being an artist? Or maybe you're looking for a particular piece of business information for artists?  Whether you are an emerging or experienced artist, this site provides you with a link to information and advice about professional development, marketing opportunities and other matters relevant to the business of being a visual artist.

Art and the Economy - Resources for Artists  (MOVING)

Are you concerned about the impact of the economy on artists and selling art? What will a recession mean for artists? Find out about making and marketing art in an economic slowdown.  Topics include:
- rethinking your approach to art
- being business-like
- different ways of marketing art
- what to cut and where to invest
- reducing and avoiding risks
    Getting Started - The Basics

    How to sign a painting, drawing or fine art print (MOVING SOON)

    • What's the best way for an artist to sign a painting?
    • Should you date as well as sign a painting?
    • How should you sign a fine art print?
    • How can you identify the genuine signature of an artist?
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