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Katherine Tyrrell - in mask

I scribble a lot...
  • in my notebook when reviewing art exhibitions and interviewing artists
  • on a keyboard when writing my art blogs and curating resource websites
  • when preparing lectures and talks
  • in a sketchbook while out and about
  • for people wanting my sketches for their books
  • for editors who want books about drawing and articles for their magazines
  • for clients when reviewing websites, business plans for artists, communication used by artists and art products
You can read more about me what I do below.

How to contact me 

EMAIL - use this email address (NOTE this is an image not a live link)

How to follow me on social media 

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Where I share information and advice

  • Art Business for Artists - a new website bringing together all my previous sites related to the Art Business
  • Botanical Art and Artists - a new website - it's a compendium about botanical art past and present for botanical artists and illustrators of today and tomorrow
  • The Best Art Books - do you know how many really good books there are on a topic?
  • Learn How to Sketch - a practical class which you can do on your own - downloads from my website are FREE! (for educational / non-commercial use only) - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
  • Art Materials & Equipment - this is what I use - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

Where you can see my drawings and sketches

  • Pastels and Pencils - portfolio website - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
  • Online Sketchbooks - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

Where you can read what I write 

My book

the titles and cover pages of my book re. the three different editions for
UK: Sketching 365 | USA: Drawing 365 | Asia (English edition): 365 Hints & Tips for Drawing & Sketching
This is my Amazon Author Page
My sketches also appear in various books about sketching

My Personal Blogs

  • News about Botanical Art and for Botanical Artists - I write about botanical art and artists and have followers all over the world.
  • Art Business Info News - about art for artists - This site helps those who need a guide to the art business or help to: develop your art career; sell your art or manage the money side
  • Travels with a Sketchbook in......  When I travel, I sketch. When I sketch on my travels I record it here. Plus information about the history and facilities of places I visit and lots of related links for those who want to know more........
  • The Art of the Landscape learning more about the development of landscape drawing, painting and photography - by exploring, sharing and doing
  • Making A Mark Reviews  a consumer's guide to quality and value in art books, art supplies and services to artists.  Read reviews about art books, art supplies and other products and services used by artists.  

    Other Publications

    Making A Mark Publications - Guides - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE include

    Group Blogs I participate(d) in