Art on Television

This post lists the UK television programmes I've covered and, in particular, those that involved artists who have participated in a competition related to art.

This page includes
  • all the series I've reviewed of programmes by both Sky Arts and the BBC - which are listed below.
  • Every blog post I've written is also listed on the new page
I started writing detailed reviews of programmes involving groups of artists after finding I got irritated by some of the comments about the episodes I read on Twitter afterwards.

So I decided to start highlighting some of the themes that I found arose in episodes and why some people do better than others "who wuz robbed". 

It was a really educational process as I found I only "got" the themes properly after watching each episode three times!  Rather like videos about painting, these are all programmes which keep on giving after the first time you watch them!

Sky Arts in 2021

Landscape Artist of the Year (series 6) - filmed in 2020 / broadcast early 2021

All the reviews includes themes for reference by future participants - or plein air painters working to a time frame - in terms of problems experienced and challenges overcome.

Portrait Artist of the Year 2021

Sky Arts in 2020

All series of the Sky Arts "Artist of the Year" programmes can also be accessed via the Now TV app - so if you start subscribing make sure to watch the past series as well as the current ones. See How to watch Sky Arts - Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 without subscribing to Sky! for more details. (I now have the stick which means I can watch via my television a well as my iMac, iPad and iPhone!).

Landscape Artist of the Year 2020

Eventually this series was not broadcast until early 2021 - see above.

Portrait Artist of the Year 2020

Battersea Arts Centre

Sky Arts in 2019

Landscape Artist of the Year 2019

An Instagram mashup of #landscapeartistoftheyear in 2019

If you go to Kate Brian's Instagram account you can find out whether she made it to the final - and what happened next!

Portrait Artist of the Year 2019

Overhead view of the rig at the Wallace Collection

the semi-finalists

Sky Arts in 2018

Portrait Artist of the Year 2018

In memory of Michele Opoku Taylor (1975-2017) and Episode 2
Her self-portrait showed her after her mastectomy holding her breast in her hand
- a very powerful painting - and a good likeness.
She died on 24 December 2017 and the heat she was in aired after her death.
My Flickr Album of the photos I took when I watched Heat 8
Filmed at the Wallace Collection on 10 April 2017. Aired on Sky Arts on 6 March 2018

Landscape Artist of the Year 2018

These are LENGTHY blog posts commenting on all sorts of aspects related to painting landscapes and participating in a competition which allows you 4 hours minus lots of interruptions and changes in the weather to paint a decent landscape.
The Wild Card entrants at a very wet and misty Loch Fyne
Pods and port - Felixstowe Docks was the location for the Semi-Final
and only one artist had the good sense to check the planned arrivals of ships! ;)
and she won!
I highly recommend that those who have viewed the FINAL of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 watch it again and LISTEN.

The BBC - programmes involving artists and artisans

BBC: Celebrity Painting Challenge

BBC: The Big Painting Challenge 2018

The Big Painting Challenge Participants in 2018

BBC: The Big Painting Challenge 2017 (Series 2)

Painting in Hastings during four seasons in one day!

BBC: The Big Painting Challenge 2015 (Series 1)

Landscape painting in the first episode

BBC: The Arts and Crafts House (2018)

This is the one which I'd characterise as a "win" for my stand on credits for artists.
I'm very pleased to tell you that the artisans wrote to the producers of the programme about the lack of name credit - quoting my blog post - and by the second episode, they'd got their name credit at the end of the programme! By the end of the series they all had mini videos!

The artistans

BBC: Home is Where the Art is (Series 2)

BBC: Home is Where the Art is (Series 1)