Friday, October 04, 2019

Picture Preview of Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 (Series 5) - starts 15th October

Sky Arts have announced that Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 starts on October 15th . 

The sad bit is as I'm in New York on the 15th but hopefully will be back in time to do a write-up of the first episode before the second episode on 22nd October - because I watch via the very nifty TV App! (see my post about how to watch if you don't have Sky).

Landscape Artist 2019 Promo from Storyvault Films on Vimeo.

The Sky Arts Team never ever broadcast the heats in the same order as they film them. I'm guessing they want to go for a good one for the first episode to get people hooked - and also to finish with a good one!

The timetabling of the Heats is going to be interesting given that Kate was having her baby in one of the ones in Gateshead! I think I've worked out the sequence based on what people have said so far.

This is my best guess at the timeline for all you #LAOTY2019 fans - so you can get your diaries sorted! Plus I've been able to identify a few of the artists involved - or at least those active on social media!

  • 15 October Heat 1: Smeaton Tower - on Plymouth Hoe in Plymouth - filmed on 19 June (very sunny)

aerial view of Herstmonceux Castle

  • 12 November Heat 5: Tyne Bridge (the one where Kate Bryan has rushed off to have her baby)

  • 19 November Heat 6: Drake’s Island from Plymouth Hoe - where Maria L Smith and John O'Neill were wildcard artists! Filmed 20 June and not so sunny!

  • 26th November Semi-Finals Cromarty Firth - filmed in July

  • 3rd December FINAL at Battersea Power Station - filmed on the night of 15-16th September - and Kate Bryan is back - plus baby Juno!

  • 10 December 2019 - The Winning Commission: Venice (a little birdie told me that one!)

For all those of you who want to give it a go next year you might want to look back at what was involved in the Call for Entries: Landscape Artist of the Year 2019.

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