Tuesday, October 22, 2019

About Modern Paints

Or I should say 'About Modern Paints' as at 2006 when there was
  • the "Modern Paints Uncovered" Symposium 
  • Organized by the Getty Conservation Institute, Tate, and the National Gallery of Art 
  • held at the Tate Modern, London May 16-19, 2006
In other words,  this pdf file of the proceedings (318 pages) from the website of the Getty Institute contains contents which is at least 15 years old.

However that does not make it less interesting - just not 100% up to date!

Modern Paints Uncovered
The contents are:

PART ONE Keynote Presentations
  • 3 Modern Paints: Uncovering the Choices
  • 17 Overview of Developments in the Paint Industry since 1930 
  • 30 Modern Paints, Conservation of

PART TWO Paint Formulations and History

  • 43 "Eternity Is in Love with the Productions of Time": Joaquim Rodrigo's Classical Palette in a Vinyl Synthetic Médium
  • 53 The Performance and Properties of Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour Compared with Other Oil-Based Paints by Winsor & Newton
  • 58 From Formulation to Finished Product: Causes and Potential Cures for Conservation Concerns in Acrylic Emulsión Paints
  • 66 Adapting Military Camouflage Paint for Matte Outdoor Sculpture
  • 75 "Cover the Earth": A History of the Manufacture of Household Gloss Paints in Britain and the United States from the 19205 to the 19505 
PART THREE Analysis and Characterization
  • 85 Mass Spectrometry of Modern Paints
  • 96 The Macro- and Microassessment of Physical and Aging Properties in Modern Paints
  • 105 The Identification of Synthetic Organic Pigments by FTIR and DTMS
  • 118 Modern White Pigments: Their Identification by Means of Noninvasive Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared Fiber Optic Reflectance Spectroscopy
  • 129 Studies of Modern Oil-Based Artists' Paint Media by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry

PART FOUR Treatments

  • 143 Unforgiving Surfaces: Treatment of Cracks in Contemporary Paintings
  • 149 Restoring the Immaterial: Study and Treatment of Yves Klein's Blue Monochrome (IKB 42)
  • 157 The Re-restoration of Donald Judd's Untitled, 1965 165 A History of the Treatment of Acrylic Painting

PART FOUR Cleaning Issues

  • 177 An Investigation of Water-Sensitive Oil Paints in Twentieth-Century Paintings
  • 189 Wet Cleaning Acrylic Emulsión Paint Films: An Evaluation of Physical, Chemical, and Optical Changes
  • 201 Morphological Changes and Rates of Leaching of Water- Soluble Material from Artists' Acrylic Paint Films during Aqueous Immersions 
  • 208 Láser Cleaning of a Study Painting by Ad Reinhardt and the Analysis/Assessment of the Surface after Treatment
  • 217 Penetration of Liquid Water through Waterborne Acrylic Coatings

PART SIX Behavior and Properties

  • 227 Factors Affecting the Mechanical Properties of Modern Paints
  • 236 Aging Characteristics of a Contemporary Acrylic Emulsión Used in Artists' Paints
  • 247 Interfacial Interactions of Modern Paint Layers
  • 257 Solvent Action on Dispersión Paint Systems and the Influence on the Morphology—Changes and Destruction of the Látex Microstructure
  • 271 The Effects of Ultraviolet Light Aging on the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Artists' Acrylic Paints
  • 271 Art in Bad Times
  • 273 Cleaning The Café Balzac Mural
  • 274 The Identification of Some of the Painting Materials at Museo d'Arte Contemporánea all'Aperto di Maglione
  • 276 The Complexities of Woman in a Courtyard (1933) by Julián Trevelyan
  • 277 Study of the Influence of Synthetic Organic Pigments on the Thermal and Photodegradation of Linseed Oil byFTIR/A TR Spectroscopy
  • 277 What Makes the Color Field? A Technical Examination of Magna Paint
  • 278 Modern Standards for Modern Paints: The Activities of ASTM Doi.57
  • 280 Analyzing Visual Change in a Painting by Josef Albers A Painter's Paradise
  • 280 A Painter's Paradise
  • 282 Liquefying Oil Paint in Some Late-Twentieth-Century Paintings
  • 284 Dictated by Media: Conservation and Technical Analysis of a 1938 Burlap Painting by Joan Miró
  • 284 Paints and Coatings Used in Outdoor Murals
  • 285 Squeeze Up Close
  • 287 A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem: The Consolidation of Joan Miró's Portrait of a Young Girl
  • 288 Conservation Treatment of Ultramarine Oil Paint on Michael Craig-Martin's Pulí Life
  • 290 Eugéne Leroy's Painting: A Moving Matter
  • 291 Tate AXA Art Modern Paints Project: Evaluating the Effects of Cleaning Acrylic Paintings
  • 292 Alterations in Unvarnished Contemporary Paint in Spain: A Visual Approach
  • 294 Juliáo Sarmentó, a Portuguese Artist at Work: Study of Just a Skin Affair (1988)
  • 296 Fluor-S-Art, Northern Lites, DayGlo: Daylight Fluorescent Pigments, Their Development, Use, and Performance
  • 297 Rescue Public Murals!
  • 299 The Art Materials Collection and Study Center
  • 300 Materials, Techniques, and Artist's Intention in the Geometric Works of José María Yturralde
  • 300 Problems with the Cleaning of Textured Modern Painting
  • 302 Symposium Participants 
  • 309 Author Biographies 

PS I only got back from the USA late yesterday morning - and then slept for 18 of the next 24 hours (in 3 sessions interspersed by muesli, soup and chocolate!) - hence my review of the first episode of Landscape Artist of the Year will follow Episode 2 - which will be tomorrow!