Monday, November 17, 2014

My NEW book is called 'Sketching 365' in the UK

Would you like 365 Tips and Techniques to help build your confidence and skills in drawing and sketching?

Sketching 365 by Katherine Tyrrell
Tips and techniques to build your confidence and skills daily
Front cover and spine - copyright Rotovision
My NEW book provides 365 tips and techniques about drawing and sketching and is being published very shortly.

It's intended for beginners through to more advanced sketchers.

I now have one advance copy of each of the three different versions published in the UK, USA and Asia (in English). So that's three different publishers, three different titles and three different covers :) - but everything inside is absolutely the same apart from a few variations around spelling (colour, color etc).

The titles and publishers of the books are:
This week I'm going to introduce you to what the three different books look like and I'll also use the opportunity to highlight different aspects of the book.  

I've also set up a Facebook Page dedicated to the book - Katherine Tyrrell: 365 Tips for Drawing and Sketching. I intend to use this to highlight some of the different aspects of the book and some of the artists who contributed so if you'd like to find out even more I suggest you do the usual thing and follow it.

The UK Version - Sketching 365

The artists featured on the cover are:
  • Front Cover - St Pauls and the Thames from Tate Modern (pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils) Katherine Tyrrell 
  • Back Cover :
    • Sketching toolkit (pen and ink and watercolour) by Liz Steel 
    • Shadow Palms (pen and black ink) by Melissa B. Tubbs
    • Lippiano, Umbria (watercolour) by Mat Barber Kennedy - I was tickled pink to get this one from Mat as I've actually sat inside that colonnade and sketched the fountain - plus been up the tower to survey the countryside around about.
Sketching 365 by Katherine Tyrrell
Tips and techniques to build your confidence and skills daily
Back cover and spine - copyright Rotovision
As you can see it also tells you something about what the book is about.
  • Covering everything from different ways to hold a pencil through to drawing specific subjects such as people or landscapes
  • features the work of 50 contemporary, international artists
  • bit-sized tips and advice make improving your sketching simple and enjoyable
  • includes indispensable advice about how to work with different media
Tomorrow I'll tell you a bit more about what it covers in more detail

Thanks to 55 artists and illustrators!

Pictures speak louder than words! This book would have been nothing without the diversity of images within it!  The book contains some 300+ (I lost count!) drawings and sketches in graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, coloured pencils, watercolour and mixed media.

So, first of all I want to recognise and extend my appreciation and thanks to the 55 artists and illustrators - from very many different countries - who generously contributed images to this book - and I'm listing them below.  I think some of you may well know their names.

Artists who work as tutors and/or run workshops have a (T) after their name. Check out their websites for further details.








New Zealand





United Kingdom


There's also a few of my diagrams, drawings in dry media and sketches!

Next post will be about the USA version.

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  1. What an honour to be included amongst so many brilliant artists. Thanks, Katherine!

  2. This is superb and I have shared it on twitter. You've worked so hard on this Katherine and you can see it. Well done to you and all the contributers!!

  3. What a great accomplishment, Katherine! Writing a book is quite an involved task... I am looking forward to make it a part of my art library.
    Congratulations!!! Raquel

  4. Congratulations Katherine, this looks like a wonderful book.

    And congratulations to all the artists who have contributed.

  5. Wonderful Katherine - well done!!!

  6. Such a great collection of artists .... And me! I can't wait to see it I reality :-)

    Having proof read, I can guarantee it's a great book

  7. Brilliant! So proud to be in the book, and on the back of the uk edition and the front of the USA edition. What a great idea for a book and what a mammoth undertaking. Well done Katherine

  8. Congratulations! I really like the covers on the english version more than the US one. If I had them side by side I would go for the UK one. There is m
    ore of your work on the front and the irresistible picture of sketching tools on the back makes it great! I will certainly order one at once.
    Another thing that makes me like the Uk version more is what you write about the spelling- I so prefer colour to be "colour" and nt "color";-) ( No offence to the excellent americans out there!)
    I so look forward to read and practise this book. And to get to know work from other good artists too. You really should be proud!:-))

  9. Are there significant differences between "Drawing 365" and "Sketching..."?

  10. The title and the cover and some spelling (color and colour for example) and that's it


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