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Who's made a mark in art? October 2014

This post is a round-up of my posts since my last "Who's made a mark in art?" post a month ago - plus links to interesting news about the art world that I've spotted during October.

Below is Ben Johnson's painting which won the £10,000 Visitors Choice Award - chosen by visitors to Threadneedle Prize Exhibition. (see below for more details)

Threadneedle Prize 2014 - Winner of £10,000 Visitors Choice Award
Room of the Revolutionary by Ben Johnson
I've got family commitments at present which means my posting is a bit ad hoc at best at the moment until the situation has stabilised. Anybody with 'an elderly p' will have their own interpretation of what that means!


Artists on Film

Mr Turner opened! Then Jonathan Jones commented in A brush with Mr Turner: why can’t films about painters get the painting right? My own view is that one could also ask why can't the critics get the analysis of the painting right! I'm more forgiving of those creating a film than I am of those making a documentary. At least Timothy Spall took lessons in how to paint for two years! I'm much more critical of critics who comprehensively demonstrate they haven't got a clue about how drawing or sketching or painting actually works.

Artists on Television

It's the time of year when the British television channels begin to 'get cultural' and we've begun to have some significant programmes about art and artists.

Art on Video

Artists in Books

  • 33 Artists in 3 Acts by Sarah Thornton – review is about Sarah Thornton's new book. The author of the very excellent "Seven Days in the Art World" has turned her attention - and stories - to an analysis of different artists on different continents - with a view to identifying what makes them the same and what makes them different and what makes an artist. She has two (questions). “What is an artist?” And then a killer followup: “What kind of artist are you?”

Art Business & Marketing

"Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red" at the Tower of London
- photographed from The Shard on my birthday.

Art Education

Art Education

  • Learn about Why some Art students almost never get high grades. Your approach to learning very often influences outcomes and the benefits that can be achieved. That's why learning how to learn is as important as what you learn. Read this article if you want to know some of the reasons why people underachieve at art - and some of the strategies for tackling faulty reasoning.


Coloured pencils


  • Carol Marine's new book Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist is now in circulation for reviewers (I've got my copy!). I've already recommended it on my Facebook Page having only skim read it. The section on the Top Six Mistakes that Students Make was one of the things - amongst much really useful stuff - which caught my eye. I'm not in the least bit surprised to that her book is already ranked at #1 in the Painting Section of Amazon Books!

Art Competitions

Botanical Art

  • Two posts about photographers and the botanical artists who won Gold Medals at the RHS Autumn Show
  • A brand new RHS Show for Botanical Art has the information about dates for the RHS's Main Botanical Art Show in 2015 - note the dates have changed

Figurative Art

These are my posts relating to Threadneedle Prize:

The photorealist artist Ben Johnson won the £10,000 Visitors Choice Award that was voted for by people visiting the exhibition. Apparently only six votes separated first and third place after thousands of visitors had voted.

Friends of the author can play "spot the blogger" on the picture below. I was tweeting on my new iPhone when it was taken.

The Threadneedle Prize Awards Dinner
- spot the author (sat inbetween the winner's husband and one of the Judges!)
- spot the painting which won the Visitors Choice Award (behind the speaker) 


  • There's A new £15,000 prize for portrait painting - which is open to international artists and is being run in conjunction with the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Artists. The first prize will be awarded at the 2015 Annual Exhibition of the RSPP

Art Exhibitions

Major Museums and Art Galleries in London

I'm way behind with my quarterly update on major exhibitions in London due to personal commitments relating to health. In the meantime here are the major new exhibitions which have opened in London - or are about to open

Art Societies 

These are my reviews of the annual exhibitions of the major national art societies.
Fourteen Long Tailed Tits (£18,500) © Adam Binder 
at the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists at the Mall Galleries
  • Well done to the Society of Botanical Artists on yet another successful international exhibition OUTSIDE the UK. I wonder why more art societies don't take the opportunity to put on exhibitions in other countries? Here are some blog posts about it:

Art Galleries

  • Lewis McNaught, the Director of the Mall Galleries is now on Twitter. You can follow him on @Lewis_McNaught.  Those having record sales at their exhibitions look like they're going to be highlighted in future. 

Techies - websites, webware and techie stuff for artists

  • I was reminded earlier today that I wrote this blog post - Artists on Facebook - The Scope and The Rules - about two years ago - for all those Artists who are confused about the difference between a Facebook Account and a Facebook Page and how to comply with the rules and make the most of the scope they offer. Plus a bit about Facebook Groups - and how these are used by artists. It probably needs updating - but it's still better than nothing for those who are confused by Facebook!
  • A new gmail phishing scam is about a new gmail phishing scam which targeted me - or at least it's new to me!

and finally......

First the next Urban Sketchers London Sketchcrawl will be at Trinity Buoy Wharf on 16th November

...and this is what happened when The Big Draw visited The One Show at the BBC

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