Wednesday, November 26, 2014

10 Golden Rules For Every Busy Artist

I'm sure some of you have probably seen the often quoted 10 Golden Rules for Every Busy Woman. I don't have a clue who wrote them as I've never seen an author acknowledged.

I thought I'd have a go at translating them into rules for a busy artist.

Why don't you take a look and then see if you can come up with your version. If you do please

  • either leave them as a comment
  • or write about them on your blog and link back to this one so I know you've done your own version.

So here's my....

Ten Golden Rules for Every Busy Artist

  1. Drawn in three minutes 
    after two years 
    of life drawing classes
    copyright Katherine Tyrrell
    When I'm 'in the zone' and in the studio I'm not available
  2. There's no such thing as the perfect drawing, painting, colour mix etc. - but practice helps me create art more effectively
  3. I am allowed to create a new way of making art - even if you and the gallery like what I used to do better
  4. Creating a tiff image as soon as I complete an artwork means I won't get upset when it sells and I realise I don't have a proper image of it
  5. I will always get through the admin and marketing faster and more effectively if I allocate a set time
  6. Time spent cleaning the studio is not downtime, it's thinking about the next piece time
  7. I don't have to say "Yes" to every offer or opportunity to exhibit or teach or demonstrate or give a talk
  8. I will stress less later if I file that paid invoice/expense receipt now
  9. Every now and again I should look up and say 'Hello' to friends and family and be thankful for my supporters
  10. I should always remember that galleristas and art critics can't do what I can!

These are very loosely based on

Ten Golden Rules for Every Busy Woman

  1. I am not on call to all people all of the time.
  2. I have needs of my own, which may not be the same as those of my family, my colleagues or my friends.
  3. I don’t have to say ‘yes’ to every request that is made of me.
  4. I don’t have to carry on doing something just because I’ve always done it.
  5. Time spent relaxing is time well spent.
  6. There’s no such thing as the perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect child.
  7. Time spent feeling guilty could be spent doing more enjoyable things.
  8. I shouldn’t always do it for them if they are capable of doing it themselves.
  9. I should give myself the same care and consideration that I give to others.
  10. I should remember, at all times, especially in the face of criticism, difficulties and anxiety, that I am doing the best I can!
Why not have a go and see what you can come up with!


  1. Wonderful!! If I had to add to your already great list, it would be just to say "Make a plan". I usually plan (and prepare) what I am going to paint the day before, or else I'm planning what exhibitions I want to enter, and what paintings I will need to do for them. To work more efficiently, you definitely need to plan ahead.

  2. Great list! I particularly like the studio cleaning one... I always know I'm brewing up to the next collection when I start cleaning and tidying in there.
    And I loved loved loved the last one!
    THANK YOU, Karin

  3. Thank you for this blog Katherine. I was stressing over what to write for my next post and this is a wonderful idea as time management is something I think about a lot and never get right. If only I had a 1950's wife to look after me, oh, and a studio assistant, and someone to do the paperwork........

  4. I really like your list of 10 Golden Rules for Every Busy Artist. Sometimes people who are not artists don't realise that you really do have to use time wisely and allocate times for the non-painting jobs, because it's all part of the job! It generates more time for the actual painting. I am enjoying your blog very much, it is very informative and interesting.

  5. A bit late, but this is where you can find my 10 rules:


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