Sunday, November 16, 2014

My book - a small teaser

This is by way of a teaser. I'm going to start doing some posts about my book next week.

That's the one about drawing and sketching which has three different publishers for three different English language areas (UK, USA and Asia) - and three different titles and three different covers! This is a crop of a photo of my advance copies of the three titles side by side.  As you can see the outsides are very different even thought the inside is identical - apart from a few changes for spelling preferences.

This week I've been finding out about how to set up
  • an Author Page on Amazon (which varies between and and 
  • a Facebook Page for a book - which is very different from setting up a Facebook Page for an artist.
Next week I'll be introducing the different titles and their publication date, showing you the covers for each book and a bit more I hope.


  1. Looking forward to reading your book. I have been attending a life class since the beginning of September .It has made such a difference to my approach to drawing and sketching anything! I find it all rather exciting. We have an excellent teacher.

  2. I'm excited about your upcoming posts and learning more about your book's publication dates!



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