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Exhibition - Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018

The Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 Exhibition - an exhibition of paintings by the semi-finalists of the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 is at the Mayfair branch of Clarendon Fine Art Gallery in Dover Street London between 7th - 15th December 2018 (near Green Park Tube).

The exhibition opens to the public three days after the Final - on the Meridian Line in Greenwich Park, London - is aired on Tuesday 4th December.

The exhibition will showcase three paintings from each of the eight finalists and including the winning landscape.

So I think that means
  • Semi-Finalists: submission, heat and semi-final paintings
  • Finalists: submission, heat, semi-final, challenge (i.e. the August at home painting) and final painting (I think!!)


THE Clarendon Gallery have made a Flipbook about the Exhibition - Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 - and in that you can read about what the artists have to say about their art

In the 2019, the Exhibition will partner with the Whitewalls Gallery and tour as follows:
  • Whitewall Lichfield 5th - 6th Jan
  • Whitewall Manchester 19th - 20th Jan
  • Whitewall Leeds 26th - 27th Jan
  • Whitewall Birmingham 2nd - 3rd Feb
  • Whitewall Newcastle 9th - 10th Feb
  • Whitewall Milton Keynes 16th- 17th Feb
  • Whitewall Guildford 23rd- 24th Feb
The Private View is on Thursday 6th December - between 6.30pm and 8.30pm

You need to book a time slot!

Apparently last time they had an exhibition for Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 at the Wallace Collection absolutely hordes of people turned up!

(Although to be honest IMO if you have an exhibition in a public gallery you're going to get all the LAOTY fans AND all the visitors that day to the Wallace Collection so no wonder they had hordes!!)

So this time around, Sky Arts is quite keen to make sure people have a reasonable viewing experience. So the Clarendon Gallery will be having a pre-booked timed entry to the exhibition so as to keep numbers from peaking and the experience from becoming unpleasant.

So a bit like the popular exhibitions at the RA!
In order to enable everyone good viewing exhibition time, this year we have put in place a timed attendance. Please RSVP with all of your details and a date and time which you would like to attend.
I'm not sure the gallery has totally worked out how this works (see below for their links). The words say one thing and the links do another but hopefully it will be sorted soon.

Just send them a note to say you want to see the exhibition - and when you want to see it - to

The SEVEN semi-finalists are listed below. Links to their websites are embedded in their names and links to their social media sites are given where known.
  1. Carl Knibb (Facebook) - see Review: Episode 1 of Landscape Artist of the Year
  2. Paul Alcock (Facebook Instagram) - see Review: Episode 2 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2018
  3. Brian Ramsey (Facebook | Instagram) see Review: Episode 3 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 at Loch Fyne (Loch Fyne, Scotland)
  4. Greg Mason (Facebook Page | Twitter | Instagram) AND 
  5. Lucy Smallbone (Facebook | Instagram) - see Review: Episode 4 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 - Studley Royal Water Garden
  6. Jen Gash (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram) - see Review: Episode 5 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 - Broadstairs Beach
  7. Allan Martin (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)- see Review: Episode 6 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 - Inveraray Castle
Who do you think is going to win? 
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