Sunday, December 02, 2018

Painting at Greenwich - Wapping Style c 1956

I thought people might like to see a video I came across this week while looking to see what was available in terms of painting and Greenwich. (On Tuesday, the Final of Landscape Artist of the Year will be screened. The final takes place in Greenwich Park.)

It's a newsreel film of the Wapping Artists in 1956 by British Pathé - over 60 years ago - engaged in their favourite occupation - painting the River Thames. It looks as if this was preferably from a favourite public house which has a terrace allowing them to paint, puff on their pipes and quaff their chosen beverage.

The Wapping Group was established in 1946 and limited to 25 artists.
The Wapping Group of Artists was formally founded in 1946 and initially met to record the busy life of London’s dockland. Since then the Thames, the land either side of it, and the activity related to it have all undergone significant changes. As a result the group now meets to paint at venues anywhere between Henley and the Thames Estuary.
This is a page about their history on their website

This is a list of past members who will include the members painting in this film

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