Sunday, May 17, 2015

Grayson Perry's Dream House - tonight on Channel 4

Tonight on Channel 4 (9pm) there is a programme about "A House for Essex" - the dream house created by Grayson Perry CBE RA - artist and contemporary social anthropologist.

The programme has been made by the BAFTA-award winning team which also made the excellent programmes:
A House for Essex overlooks the river Stour at Wrabness, six miles west of Harwich port. It's a product of the artist's collaboration with architectural firm Fashion Architecture Taste (FAT).
Visualisation of A House for Essex
It took three years to build and it now tells the story of "Our Lady of Essex" Julie Cope.  Interestingly it would appear that it was originally intended that tonight's programme would be shown on television in 2014 - see my previous blog post about Grayson Perry on television in 2014

This is a video of Grayson Perry's Tour of 'A House for Essex' - Director's Cut
Grayson Perry takes you on a personal tour through A House for Essex, a loving tribute and celebration of his homeland in Essex. This is the 'non-360', panoramic version.
This is the BBC Video - Take a walk around the house that Grayson Perry designed

I'll leave any further comment until after the programme has ben shown. Safe to say that if you've enjoyed any of the previous programmes my guess is you will enjoy this one too.

However there is more elsewhere:

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  1. Haven't seen any of Grayson over in Oz before. However I loved the program, & can see why he is held in the regard that he is. Particularly enjoyed how he used what initially seemed like whimsy to cleverly communicate to the viewer ( and the "Julies") the deeper underlying issues.


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