Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I'm updating websites AND trying to have a break AND finding time to draw

Basically I've not had a break for what seems like ages. I'm now officially pooped from back to back exhibitions and trying to get four new websites up and running after the shambolic debacle with THE HOSTING my 'resources for artists' sites.

That said I'm loving the new websites I've got up and running and they are proving to be very popular.

I find I get a lot more done on the websites if I just get my head down and 'go for it' but to do that I need to ignore other stuff - like blogging!

Plus I need to get on with some artwork for an exhibition later this year....

....and I definitely need a complete break as well!

So - blogging is likely to oscillate between non-existent and sporadic and brief - about website updates until I've made some significant progress with other things that need doing.

It's probably going to take between one and two weeks.

My one concession to art (as opposed to building websites about art!) will be I'm drawing Every Day in May (see Drawing and Sketching - Every Day in May) and posting the results to:

These are my first five. It's nice to find time to draw......

If you've not started, there's still time to catch up!


  1. Wow. Busy lady! We all love your blog but you need a break. See you when you get back.

  2. Please take care of your self and take a break soon to refresh your self. Thank you for your wonderful website.



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