Sunday, May 31, 2015

Best in Bloom 2015

The medal winners at the 3rd Annual Botanical & Floral Art in Bloom Exhibition at Bloom in Dublin are listed below.

You can also see a great write-up of the exhibition - and more photos - on Shevaun Doherty's blog post Bloom 2015

The links in the artist's names are to their websites or blogs. Some artists have won more than one medal in which case the link is in the name next to the highest ranking medal and not in the others.

Many thanks to Shevaun Doherty for permission to use her photographs.

Botanical Illustration

Best in Show (Botanical Art)
Iris by Siobhan O'Larkin

Best in Show

  • Siobhan M Larkin - Iris
Shevaun Doherty and the dates which won a Gold Medal

Gold Medals

  • Siobhan M Larkin - Iris
  • Shevaun Doherty - Phoenix dactylifera var. khasab Date palm
  • Nayana Sandur - Musa acuminata Banana

Silver Gilt Medals

Silver Medals

  • Shevaun Doherty - Aesculus hippocasta-num triptych
  • Nayana Sandur - Malus cultivar Red Apple
  • Holly Somerville - Hippeastrum cultivar Amaryllis
  • Holly Somerville - Tulipa gesneriana Didier’s tulip
  • Patricia Jorgenson - Romneya coulteri Californian tree poppy
  • Siobhan M Larkin - Larix decidua (cones)
  • Lynn Stringer - Chrysanthemum ‘Salmon Shoesmith

Bronze Medals

  • Yanny Petters - Malus Apple
  • June Wright - esculus hippocasta- num Horse-chestnut

Floral Art

Yanny Petters artwork which won Best in Show in the Floral Art Section

Best in Show

  • Yanny Petters - Meadow Plantain speedwell

Gold Medals

Silver Gilt Medals

  • Anne McLeod - Delphiniums
  • Lynn Stringer - Narcissus ‘Cheerful- ness’ Narcissi

Silver Medals

Bronze Medals

I referred in A new botanical art blog and two botanical art shows to the basics of what you need to know to submit work for next year's exhibition. I'll add in the URL and/or the contact person when I find out who this is.

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  1. Great stuff, Katherine. I'll make sure to send you the Call to Artists when I get it! Maybe we'll see some of your art too? I hope so!



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