Monday, April 27, 2020

Grayson Perry's Art Club on Channel 4

I seem to be behind the curve with posting on upcoming cultural offerings in the context of the coronavirus crisis

The latest is Grayson Perry's Art Club on Channel 4 - on Channel 4 8pm on Monday 27 April.
Isolation can be a difficult and lonely time for many. We want you to be part of Grayson’s Art Club, as we ask for the amazing British public to send in the artwork you have been creating in isolation.

If you haven't got "on demand" and are currently cursing me, there are three lots of repeats for anybody who didn't catch it first time round and wants to watch and/or record. Just click the repeats link in this article about it

Plus this is not a one off
Every week Grayson will host the show from his studio - taking the country with him as he creates new art works. Grayson will talk to other famous artists, creatives and celebrity guests about how they are spending their time in isolation and host masterclasses to help teach us all how to create art. Never tried creating art before? Then this is your chance. Each episode will be themed with something inspired by being in isolation, such as still life or portraits. Grayson will take inspiration from the everyday little things, as he helps you unleash the artistic side you never knew you had.
The first episode is about portraiture. It's all filmed from home. Plus artworks have been sent in by the public.

In episode 2....
Grayson gets viewers to send in their artworks of animals - a beloved pet, an abstract, or an exotic animal. He's joined by Harry Hill and artist Maggi Hambli
He's been giving some interviews about this new concept of an art club on TV
P.S. Apologies to those portrait artists who are waiting for me to list them as being selected for the BP Portrait Award Exhibition 2020. As always the time it takes to do this post is much longer than I think! Should be published tomorrow. 


  1. How do i submit some of my bird paintings to you

    1. You don't.

      Submission of artwork for Episode 2 stopped before the episode was broadcast. If you want to send any artwork in relation to future episodes you need to follow the instructions in the programme which is available on demand on Channel 4


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