Friday, April 10, 2020

How to hang a picture

In the current context rehanging your art collection is one off those jobs you give yourself after you've cleaned out and reoganised all your kitchen cupboards and wardrobes  and rearranged all your books on the shelves.

Here's a page about "How to hang a picture" which you might find very useful.
This page covers:
  • TIPS on how to hang paintings, drawings, fine art prints and photographs
  • Basic kit for hanging pictures
  • How to hang art in a frame on a wall - including tips for using specific frame hanging fixture kits
  • Specific hanging tackle: D rings, picture wire, picture cordand stud finder!
  • How to hang a heavy picture on a wall
  • How to hang and align pictures.

Hanging gear laid out in a frame at Green & Stone, Chelsea

The page also brings together on one page all my previous writing about how to hang art.

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  1. Many thanks for this comprehensive guide Kathryn. You mention alignment in the introduction; I was hoping this would cover alignment and recomended layouts for hanging multiple pictures on a wall. Have you any suggestions covering this aspect please.


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