Saturday, April 04, 2020

Digital Resources for Teaching and Learning about Portraiture

The National Portrait Gallery has some useful learning resources for young people who are being home schooled during the present coronavirus pandemic - or at any time.

Young People's Guide to Self Portraiture 

 This is the Young People's Guide to Self Portraiture

The website allows online access to various videos explorting themes related to self portraiture.

Digital Resources for Learning

These Digital Learning Resources related to Portraiture include:
  • downloadable PDFs, audio and web-based resources 
  • which support school-based learning around 
    • Portraiture
    • the Gallery’s exhibitions
    • the Gallery's Collection.

David Hockney: Learning Resources

These are written for school groups visiting the exhibition and include practical drawing tasks and discussions points to explore and have fun with!⁠

David Hockney Portraits: Life Love Art

Teachers’ Notes: Information and Activities for Secondary Art Teachers
These notes focus on particular aspects of Hockney’s portraiture and on a small number of interconnecting themes developed over Hockney’s career. They are intended to help students look at Hockney’s work and enable group discussion. They can be used to assist teaching in the gallery as well as in the artroom. Each image has questions and talking points that can be adapted to meet students’ needs. The suggestions for activities are designed to lead on to further areas of research into portraiture.

Davi Hockney: Drawing from Life

Very sadly this exhibition was only open for a very short time before it had to close
For Teachers and Parents
The National Portrait Gallery's teachers’ resource for David Hockney: Drawing from Life helps students look critically at Hockney’s work. The questions, discussion points and activities are aimed at Key Stage 3-5 Secondary Art, but can be adapted for younger age groups.

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