Thursday, April 30, 2020

Painting Captain Tom

It seems as if Captain Tom Moore has inspired people to do more than part with £30 million for the NHS Charities.

Very many paintings have been made of him. Obviously, all of them have been done from photos or a still of Captain Tom on television. That hasn't stopped people demonstrating their preferred painting style.

Here are some of them....
Captain Tom Moore by Mike Dawson
Mike Dawson of Elstree donated his painting of Captain Tom to Watford General Hospital. West Hertfordshire's NHS hospitals is currently auctioning it on eBay with a view to raising funds for a specific NHS charity
Donated by the artist to support West Hertfordshire's NHS hospitals and being sold on behalf of the NHS Trust by Raise, the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust charity. Learn more about Raise's work at Every penny of the winning bid will be paid *directly* to Raise by Ebay/Paypal.
Scott Foster of Burnley in Lancashire painted this enormous mural of him which has an amazing impact. This is a video of a giant mural painting of him being made by Scott Foster

Adam Salisbury has an interesting strapline of "Heroes don't fly they walk"

Aaron Massie's brother's painting is raising funds for the Cornwall Foundations Trust

Denise Dennison, wife of former Wolves and Northern Ireland winger Robbie is raffling her painting via Just Giving, to support the former Wolves players, staff and fans fundraising for the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust as they increase capacity at New Cross Hospital to treat patients with the coronavirus. She's currently 60% of her way to her £10,000 target!

Captain Tom by Denise Dennison

Paul Duncan did this monochrome painting of Captain Tom

This is a slightly different way of making a picture of Captain Tom - via photos of people saluting him

and then there are the cakes!

There's a big temptation to make cakes for an individual who has his 100th Birthday today.

Some of the cakes are stunning just as sculptures

This simply splendid cake made by an unidentified lady was posted on Facebook - and is outstanding!

Captain Tom in cake!

Here's wishing Captain Tom Moore - or should I say Colonel Moore? - a very happy 100th Birthday!

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