Saturday, April 18, 2020

Quarantine through Art

This 57 second video comment on Quarantine through Art is very good. It provides a rather funny critique of life in lockdown via a series of art history pics.

I'm almost inclined others to improve on it - we need an artwork for week 4!

I've just been sent this video (by a close friend, who was sent it by a friend of his - and I have no idea where it started....

So I started searching

I found it on YouTube but the sharing format cut off the words - so it rather lost the point!

I kept looking and then found it on Twitter - although it's a moot point whether Jane Maher is the originator (given her profile as
a 30 yrs oncologist, clinical advisor @Macmillancancer (previously CMO ) NED UK hospital, Hon member British Film & Cinema Veterans # Late onset rock chick
However I think she might know the person who is.....


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