Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Jackson's Painting Prize 2020 - time to vote

The shortlist for the £5,000 Jackson's Painting Prize was announced yesterday.

The Longlist

The Jackson's Painting Prize received 5,634 entries. 
  • Jacksons then created a longlist which comprised 445 artworks.
  • It was interesting to see how the number of works split between the different categories
Jacksons's Painting Prize 2020:
Number of artworks longlisted within each category of entries

Competition between entries is particularly intense within paintings of 'scapes and figures - both of which numbers over a 100 longlisted entries.

Timeline for Voting and Prizes

  • Category Winners are announced on 14th April
  • Voting for the People's Award (£1,000) - see below - closes in a week's time at 3pm on 15th April 
  • Emerging Artist and People's Choice Award announced on 17th April 
  • Jackson's Painting Prize Winner (£5,000) announced on 21st April

The Shortlist

36 of the 42 works shortlisted

The shortlist is chosen by the six Judges and this year I was one.
All 6 of our expert judges are leading figures in the contemporary art world. Each judge will bring a unique perspective and opinion to the judging, this will cultivate a varied selection of work that showcases the very best of the entrants 

We each contributed six artworks to the shortlist - working in isolation from the other Judges.  As you can see from the above tabulation, there are six categories and there was no requirement to choose one from each category.

I was particularly interested when the shortlist was published yesterday to see whether any of the works which made it to my personal longlist of 15 got through in the works shortlisted by others - and they did!

My feedback to Jacksons was as follows
I was a lot happier at 15 paintings. It was horrible turfing the last ones to get down to six. I'd suggest you ask Judges to select 20 and then take the top 50.

The People's Award

You can now vote - as a member of the public - for the entries you like best for the £1,000 People's Choice Award.

Unlike the Judges you have no constraint on how many you can "heart" (see instructions below) but you can only vote once for any one painting.
To vote, all you need to do is click the small heart symbol under your favourite paintings and your vote will be saved.
You can vote for as many art works as you like.
You can only vote once for each painting.
If you change your mind, your vote can be revoked.
By voting, you will go into the draw to win a £50 Jackson's Art Supplies Voucher.
If you want to see what it's like to be a Judge why not try choosing just six and see how that comes out!

  • Look through all the entries in each category before you start to vote
  • Look at the big image when reviewing entries - it makes a difference. So click on the thumbnail and you can see an image which is the bigger than the thumbnail. If you click it again you can see an even bigger image
  • Use the arrows at the top of the category to move to the next image in the category
  • Jot down which ones you like
  • Heart the six you like the best if you'd like to try and vote like one of the Judges
  • Heart as many as you like if you find it too difficult to choose! :)

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