Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Goodbye to the Athenaeum Art Database?

I have serious concerns about whether The Athenaeum Art Database - one of my absolute favourite repositories of quality images of paintings over time - is offline.

At the moment, I can only reach it via the Wayback Machine at

It appears to have been active up until 16th March 2020 - having started up in May 2002 and accumulated more than a 250,000 great images of artworks since that date.

  • Has it forgotten to pay its host or domain name registrar? (i.e. the normal reason websites go offline)
  • Has the owner been affected by the coronavirus crisis?
  • Have they just shut down for the duration of the crisis?
  • Are they coming back after a spell of ventilation elsewhere?
This is serious - art history fans need to know!

A number of the links appear to be dead. However it is still possible to access
  • the alphabetical list of artists
  • an individual artist - see my pic re Turner below (minus an image by another artist)
  • the list of artworks for that artist - see pic below
Do let me know if you know anything about what is happening - and particularly if the database resurrects and comes back online.

Athenaeum Profile Page for JMW Turner

Alphabetical List of Titles of Turner Artworks in the Database


  1. Hi. Thanks for the post. When you find out what happened, I hope you will let all of us know. Thanks. Stay well. Stay safe.

  2. thank you for posting this..I've been concerned and missing the wonderful blog..fingers cross it will return


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