Tuesday, March 02, 2021

"Drawers Off" is such a tacky title for a life drawing television programme

I missed any press briefings for a new television programme about life drawing on Channel 4. However the trailer advert did not impress me with the title of the programme.

"Drawers Off"? For goodness sake!

Turns out goodness doesn't have a lot to do with it.

It says
"Jenny Eclair hosts a life drawing class with a twist,
as amateur artists take it in turns to reveal their naked ambition and compete to win a cash prize"

It's art as entertainment art competition yet again - but this time the artist is the one who has to get naked!

The format for the programme is as follows

Five amateur artists take it in turns to disrobe and pose while the others draw him or her. The model then picks their favourite.
Which means presumably (I've not watched it yet) we've got an art programme about exhibitionist artists.  Most artists wanting to draw one another are perfectly happy to keep their clothes on!!

Once you realise that 
  • the comedienne Jenny Eclair is the presenter and that 
  • Diane Ali has got "the Daphne Todd role" as the "expert" 
you just know they're playing for laughs.  

Plus this is Channel 4 yet again in one of its "anything to get people to take their kit off for a TV programme" mode.  Apparently it's made by the team who make "Come Dine with me" and there's a £1,000 prize at stake each week - which explains a lot....

I suppose the pandemic means that lighthearted humour in the early evening might be in order. Personally I'd vote for The Magic Roundabout being rebroadcast!

Drawers Off started its daily run on Channel 4 yesterday (Monday March 1) - at 5.30pm - and will run for four weeks.

Of course Channel 4 have got it billed as 
Jenny Eclair takes Channel 4’s Drawers Off

I'll watch it - but I don't expect it'll become a programme I'll want to continue watching....

Not least because Diane Ali annoys me so much with the things she says. (Reference every single programme of the BBC's Big Painting Challenge). They might at least have got a decent art teacher. 

There again, would a decent art teacher risk their reputation by having anything to do with this???

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