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View five prizewinners and the paintings selected for the John Moores Painting Prize 2020

 You can now:

  • view the paintings selected for the John Moores Painting Prize 2020
  • see who's been shortlisted for the £25,000 First Prize
  • find out who has won tomorrow , Thursday 4th March, at 4pm

This post follows on from my two earlier posts relating to this exhibition:

A Virtual Tour of the Exhibition

The Walker Art Gallery has got one of the best approaches to viewing art hung in an art gallery.

So for the exhibition of the John Moores Painting Prize 2020

  • they're using the Matterport video system for a Virtual Tour via online viewing
  • it has all the normal options (dolls house, floor plan, full screen) 
    • you can just press go and it will take you round the exhibition. It takes you round at a reasonable pace i.e. fast enough you scoot past the ones you're not impressed with - with scope to stop and take a closer look when a painting captures your fancy!
    • or you can navigate yourself 
  • it ALSO has each individual painting identified with the artist's name running below the virtual view of the gallery (and superimposed on the paintings). You can use the up down (tail less) arrow bottom left to switch this on and off
  • plus a price list for all the paintings with all the artist's names, thumbnail, title of the painting and price
The John Moores Painting Prize brings together the best in contemporary British painting right now.

Supporting artists from all over the UK – whether they’re undiscovered, emerging or established in their careers – the prize provides a platform for artists to inspire, disrupt and challenge the British painting art scene today.

All entries were judged anonymously over a two-stage selection process by our panel of judges.


The five prizewinners (clockwise from top left):
Robbie Bushe, Michele Fletcher, Kathryn Maple, Stephen Lee and Steph Goodger

The longlist i.e. the names and artworks selected for the exhibition - was announced last November.

The five prizewinners eligible for the £25,000 First Prize (or the consolation prize of £2,500 each) were announced in February. 
  • This is a film about them
  • They are listed below - with images of their selected painting.

Robbie Bushe

'The Neanderthal Futures Infirmary'
Robbie Bushe
"I love to reimagine places and tell visual stories. I make drawings, paintings and sometimes animations from memory, daydreams, observations and pictorial reconstruction. I invent narrative scenarios and characters within a cinematic context, involving myself with fake or reimagined mythology often borrowed from, and celebrating, the tropes found in late 20th century science fiction film and tv. The Neanderthal Futures Infirmary is one of a series of four paintings. This one imagines and Victorian hospital with Neanderthal DNA extraction and cloning facility in a vase network of underground bunkers."⠀
  • born in Liverpool in 1964; grew up in Aberdeenshire and lives in Scotland
  • attended Edinburgh College of Art 1985-90
  • Recent exhibitions include 
    • Neoneanderthals, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh, 2019 
    • Westmorland Landscape Prize, Rheged Centre, 2019.
  • website:

Michele Fletcher

Oil on linen, 46 x 41 cm
Michele Fletcher

Michele’s work reflects on the cyclical change of the natural world, considering how a garden, like a painting, involves intervention, manipulation and composition. Compost, made around the time of the vernal (spring) equinox, and typical of the artist’s work, lies at the nexus of the abstract and the familiar.
  • born in Canada 
  • attended Chelsea College of Arts London 2008 and Goldsmiths University of London 2000-03. Recent exhibitions include 
    • Art at Glyndebourne: Forces of Nature, Glyndebourne Festival Sussex 2020, 
    • Waving in the Distance, Terrace Gallery, London, 2020 and 
    • Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, 2019.

Steph Goodger

The Motherland, 2019
Oil on canvas,150 x 240 cm
Steph Goodger
The starting point for The Motherland was a landscape of red brick pillboxes, dating from the Second World War, stretching along the eroded banks of the River Medway. Steph describes her fascination with one particular scene, where a tree’s exposed roots are encroaching on the foundations of a pillbox: ‘past and present appeared, through a continuum of imperceptible changes, instantaneously crushed into a single moment of painful impact.’
  • Steph exhibited in John Moores Painting Prize 2016 and 2004
  • born in Tonbridge, Kent. 
  • attended the University of Brighton, 1997-99 and UCA, 1992-95. 
  • two public exhibitions recently in Bordeaux, France: 
    • Le Pôle Culturel, Lormont (2020) and Le Forum des arts et de la Culture, Talence (2020). 
  • She also took part in
    • Every Day, at Terrace Gallery, London (2020) and 
    • the Creekside Open (2019)
  • website 

Stephen Lee

March (2020)
Paint and ash on canvas, 132 x 197.5 cm
Stephen Lee
Stephen creates contrasting burnished, stained and glazed painted imagery. The central labouring figure in March, joined by his dog, is surrounded by tools which are burnished and tactile. Behind him numerous glazed layers of paint form a meandering picturesque view. The figure stands in dialogue with this background, implicitly asking questions about his connection to nature and culture.
  • born in Cheltenham.
  • attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1984-86 and Leeds Polytechnic 1980-1983. 
  • Recent exhibitions include The Horizontal Within, The Horizontal Without, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, 2017.
  • website

Kathryn Maple

The Common, 2020
Acrylic on canvas, 222 x 246 cm
Kathryn Maple
The Common evokes the quiet moments of urban mundanity, where observed and imagined worlds cross paths. Kathryn describes it as a ‘...meeting place, an intersection, people seemingly aware of each other, but minds elsewhere – all sharing an open space...’. Kathryn’s work frequently returns to ideas around these ‘resting places within a city’, where nature is seen and celebrated.

Who's won £25,000?

The announcement of who has won the big prize is scheduled for tomorrow at 4pm 
Join us as we announce the artist who will pick up the £25,000 first prize in a short film on our website at 4pm on 4 March.


Emerging Artist Award

Also to be announced tomorrow is the winners of the NEW £2,500 Emerging Artist Prize plus premium Winsor and Newton art materials of the same value.

This prize was open to:
  • recent graduates within two years of graduation, and
  • students who are currently in their final year of a UK-based arts-related course, degree (eg. BA, MA, PhD) or alternative learning programme.

Visitors' Choice Award

You can also view works and vote for the Visitors' Choice Award () which is ONLINE ONLY
as we've been in lockdown and the Gallery will not reopen until 17th May at the earliest (the date when Art Galleries and Museums can reopen as part of the third phase of coming out of lockdown).

Voting ends 3 May 2021, and the winner of the Visitors' Choice Prize will be announced after 21 May 2021



The catalogue will be available for mail order from 4 March 2021 on the National Museums Liverpool (NML) shop - which seems to be being rejigged at the moment as it's offline. I assume this is temporary.

You may get confused by the fact this is called the John Moores Painting Prize 2020 and the exhibition is in 2021 - but you know the reason why that' happened don't you!


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