Sunday, March 21, 2021

and now for Landscape Artist of the Year CANADA!

For all those who are suffering withdrawal symptoms from the end of Landscape Artist of the Year in the UK, I have news of another series - this time in Canada.

I don't watch adverts so wasn't aware this was happening until today. Campbell Morrison from Scotland very kindly told me about Landscape Artist of the Year Canada. (which I THINK is actually Landscape Artists of the Year 2020 - Canada - and this is because I do lots of searching online and I picked up a few clues!)

How to watch Landscape Artist of the Year in the UK

The good news is I can start from the beginning - so long as I watch Episode 1 which is being broadcast in the afternoon next Tuesday on Sky Arts on Freeview.

Otherwise it's 8pm every Wednesday night for four weeks. (I've just finished setting up the "record" buttons)

This is because the programme is being broadcast as follows:

  • Sky TV Entertainment - Wednesday 8pm - for the next four weeks (also available on demand)
  • Sky Arts on Freeview
    • Wednesday 8pm starting 17th March - for four weeks (but NOT on demand)
    • Tuesday 3pm starting 23rd March - for four weeks (but NOT on demand)
  • NOW TV Entertainment - NOT AVAILABLE - BOOOOOOOOOO!!!  I pay my subscription - where's my SKY TV Entertainment content?

Landscape Artist of the Year Canada

This is how it works. It's exactly the same - same format, same music, same pods - with a few differences (see below)
The programme brings together the country’s top professional and amateur artists, in a battle of the brushes to see who can best capture the country’s most iconic landscapes. Working in their own mediums,using their own supplies, the artists must create a spectacular rendition of the landscape in front of only four hours! 
The programme is licenced by Sky Arts to the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission (CBC) and is made by Makeful.

As per usual, the Judges decide 
  • which artist deserves the $10,000 grand prize and 
  • who will have the honour of being put on display at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. 
The landscape this time incorporates views of Canada - and celebrates the diversity of Canadian landscapes. Watch the video below to see the sort of landscapes in the series.

It will also feature famous Canadian landscape artists.
If you want to get ahead on this topic why not read my past blog posts about Canadian landscape artists?

What's different about LAOTY Canada?

The variations are:
  • it's only four weeks long
  • just ONE host: Sook-Yin Lee - who is apparently a famed arts broadcaster in Canada. 
Sook-Yin Lee 
  • just TWO expert judges:
    • Marc Mayer (age 65) Former Director of the National Gallery of Canada. (I'm already impressed - that's heavyweight kudos!) He's currently, strategic adviser at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto
Marc Meyer with Marissa Sweet

    • Joanne Tod (age 68), award-winning artist and educator. She is a Canadian contemporary artist and lecturer whose paintings are included in the permanent collections of the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto and the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal. She seems to specialise in portraits so I'm guessing was selected for what I assume is a companion series.
Joanne Tod with Laura Zerebeski.

There's a nice video on YouTube called Landscape Artist of the Year Canada: Tips and Tricks - see below. 

Note how I worked out it was the programme for 2020? :) 

What about my reviews?

I'm still under lockdown so television programmes provide a great opportunity to review art and I'll be continuing my reviews - in the same way as for Landscape Artist of the Year in the UK.

The first will be published before Episode 2 airs next Wednesday - after I've watched Episode 1 on Tuesday!

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