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Grayson Perry's Studio

I noticed a query on my blog stats - "Where is Grayson Perry's Art Club filmed?"
It's filmed in his own studio - which has been the subject of very many previous videos and articles.

Inside Grayson's Studio in Islington - with his wife Phil

He worked for many years in Walthamstow but moved his home and studio to Islington five years ago.

Articles and videos about his Grayson Perry's Studio

In chronological order - meaning it starts in Walthamstow and moves to Islington!
  • Artist's studios: Grayson Perry | The Guardian | 20 September 2008
For me all studios hark back to my father's shed, where the workbench strewn with tools became the cockpit of a fantasy aircraft journeying to imagined lands. This is the cosy dream of my creative nest, the reality is a crumbling old printer's shop in east London's outer reaches.
This video was made by Tate Shots in his Walthamstow Studio in 2011.

Claire never goes to the studio. Making pottery is a dirty business. You don’t go to the studio in a nice dress. It’s where you get on with stuff and make a mess and collapse in an armchair and listen to The Archers”
Does the studio change fundamentally as a consequence of becoming public? do you feel differently about it because it’s been photographed and filmed?
So many people come to my studio and take photographs, I forget how many. About 50 TV crews have been to my studio. Whenever they come, I say, ‘Well, I’ve spent hours making this look like a studio for you!’ When I was at college, we all had our little chipboard cubicles that we worked in. Someone came up and went, ‘Oooh, you’ve got a meaty space!’ And I thought, yeah, I do like to have a busy space. I like the feeling that it’s got a density of creativity going on.
  • My studio life: Grayson Perry RA By Tom Jeffreys | RA website Published 16 October 2014 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED -  a totally fascinating article where he explains different aspects of his studio, tools he uses, books he references and important artifacts around the place
“I do feel slightly embarrassed here. It feels like one of those YBA studios: they always have perfect white industrial studios. I’m not complaining though. Moving here has been the biggest change in my life – my work rate has gone up hugely. In Walthamstow I had to go home by four as it was simply too cold. Even here though, I swear by cashmere socks from November all the way through to about April.” 
He also does trips to the studio for charity

Grayson Perry with his kilns inside his studio

But right now he is using his studio as a film studio for Grayson's Art Club which very many of are following faithfully and enjoying every Monday evening - or in some instances over breakfast on Tuesday!

The cross-dressing potter, tapestry-maker, writer and presenter starts every morning with a mug of coffee and Marmite on toast, then makes a sandwich before pedalling off to his studio five minutes down the road. 
Grayson Perry interview: ‘There’s no excuse now for not doing art’ (24.04.20)

For a TV veteran like Perry, filming from home has been a new experience. There’s a cameraman camped out in a tent in the garden (“he’s even got his own Portaloo!”) and the director shouts at him through the window while six cameras stand around the studio — “the kind they used to film 24 Hours in A&E”. He interviews guests over Zoom. 
Grayson Perry interview: ‘There’s no excuse now for not doing art’
By the way for fans of the kevster (instant fame after Episode 2 of Grayson's Art Club) I found this tweet to be very funny.....and you get to see more studio and studio cat.

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