Saturday, May 16, 2020

A&I Lockdown Drawing Challenge: Portraits

Artists & Illustrators Magazine in the UK is running a weekly Lockdown Drawing Challenge.
This one does not bring money prizes, nor does it get your work shown on television.

Lockdown Drawing Challenge - Week 2: Portraits

This week's Lockdown Drawing Challenge relates to Portraits.
why not draw a member of your household from life, and if they won't sit for you, try drawing them while they watch TV or cook dinner.
  • Submit it using the form on the Challenge page (link above)
  • By 12 noon on Thursday 21 May. 
The A&I Team then select a a gallery of favourite works which are displayed in the A&I Lockdown Drawing Challenge Gallery.

The winner will be revealed on Friday 22 May, when we will also announce the theme for week three’s Lockdown Drawing Challenge.

Lockdown Drawing Challenge - Week 1: The Kitchen

Our first week’s theme is the ‘kitchen’, so why not sketch your family cooking together or raid the cupboards for still life inspiration?
I agree - it's a stand-out work based on observation with a commentary! Looks to me as it was either drawn on a digital tablet or was drawn in pen and ink and had hints of digital colour added later. Either way it's very effective.

"Right my loves, dinners ready" by Kayla Tomlinson

The winner of each challenge receives
  • a Faber-Castel sketching set worth £18, 
  • a three-month subscription to Portfolio Plus 
  • gets their work shared across our popular social media feeds and on the Artists & Illustrators website. (This is called "marketing" folks!)

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