Sunday, May 24, 2020

Covid-19 #13: Cancellations and Refunds

I've heard various very interesting stories about what has happened in relation to negotiations on cancellations and refunds arising from all those events cancelled in the context of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  For example:
  • art fairs 
  • art events 
  • art exhibitions 
  • open exhibitions / art competitions 
  • art courses / workshops etc 
I'm proposing to do a blog post about this. I'm very interested in the perspectives of both organisers and customers - basically anybody who paid money before the lockdown and has now either got their money back following cancellation of the event or looks likely to lose what they've paid out - and why that has happened.

I'm particularly interested in learning points which can be shared with others

My aim is to provide some learning points and in doing so I shall be highlighting case studies and examples of
  • good practice - both organiser and customer happy
  • poor practice - either organiser and/or customer unhappy
  • bad practice - illegal practices (usually relating to contract law) requiring court action to get appropriate recompense (with the terms and conditions of the 'event' and any insurance cover)
Please message me via 
if you have had to either:
  1. work out what to do if organising an event / exhibition / whatever - plus
    • what advice you got and 
    • what you you did in the end
  2. asked for a refund and 
    • either got one (quickly or otherwise)
    • or not got one - and what reasons you were given as to any failure to do so
    • what action you took as a result - if any.
AND whether

  • you will be taking out better insurance 
  • and/or reading the small print much more closely in future!

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