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NEW DEADLINE for Landscape Artist of the Year 2020: Friday 29th May

The deadline for entries to Landscape Artist of the Year has been changed. You have until 5pm Friday 29th May to submit a late entry.

What Inverary Castle should have looked like in Heat 6 in 2018
(they had grey skies instead!)

Sky Arts is still planning to go ahead with the Heats around the UK. It is presumably aided by the fact each artist will be in their own pod and the entire Heat is filmed outdoors (which is a much less risky place) - and thus complies with the Coronavirus Guidance.

I wrote a guideline to the Call for Entries back in December - see Call for Entries: Landscape Artist of the Year 2020 to which needs adding the following changes earlier calls for entries or from previous years:
  • DEADLINE for entries has been changed from 17th April 2020 to 5pm on the Friday 29th May (i.e. you have two days left!)
  • To take part as a Wild Card, this year you MUST first apply for the main competition in order to be eligible (i.e. no turning up on the day)
By the way - the deadline has usually been extended and reiterations of calls for entries made each year. I think in order to winkle out those artists who really should apply and who are more than good enough!

What follows a reminder of what artwork is eligible as a submission

Artists are selected to attend the heats based on the artwork submitted as part of the entry.
The Landscape Entry submitted must be a painting of a landscape vista, and can be produced in any material excluding photography, video, sculpture and all forms of digital media. Collage and mixed media works are all allowed. The work may be abstract or expressive as long as it is recognisably a representation of a landscape that has been produced within the last five years. It should be a maximum of 1220 x 914 mm (48” x 36”).
Sky Arts has some advice about how to photograph your art

Images of landscape paintings that are eligible for submission are defined as follows:
  • MUST be a painting of a landscape vista
  • MAY be may be abstract or expressive
  • MUST be recognisable as a representation of a landscape
  • MAY be produced in any media - including collage and mixed media works - except those not allowed
  • MUST NOT include photography, video, sculpture and all forms of digital media.
  • MUST be produced in the last five years.
  • MUST be no bigger than 1220 x 914 mm (48” x 36”) unframed
  • MUST each have a file size of at least 800 KB and ideally no more than 1.5MB.
  • Additional Work(s) of Art submitted can be any size, and can also be in any material other than photography, video, sculpture or any form of digital media.

My Reviews of Previous Heats in 2018 and 2019

To help you have a think about whether you want to enter - why not take a look at my reviews of the last two years - which includes lots of pics

Or better still watch the last two years in a major binge on Now TV - where all episodes are available

2019: SERIES 5

Below you can find
  • the link to my review
  • THEMES for each of my reviews are highlighted under the link for each review of the episode
  • links to blog posts written by the participants - always very helpful!


  • Review: Semi-Final of Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 at Cromarty Firth


2018: SERIES 4











  • Learning Points from Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 - a summary The main learning point for me were 
    • how demanding the location can be for a final 
    • the importance of the Challenge Paintings (i.e. it's not just about the Heat Painting) 
    • the fact that the Judges went back over ALL the paintings produced by the contestants during the ENTIRE COMPETITION in reaching their decision.

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