Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Portrait Artist of the Year (Series 9) starts 5th October 2022

I'm sure many of you will be delighted to hear that Series 9 of Portrait Artist of the Year (#PAOTY) starts on our screens - on the Sky Arts Channel (Channel 11 on Freeview) next week!

When to Watch

The first episode will be broadcast on Wednesday 5th October - when the celebrity sitters will be Elizabeth Day, Khadija Mellah and Nick Grimshaw.

The Sky TV link says the broadcast time is 3pm(!) - but I'm guessing either that's a mistake or it will have repeat broadcast times.

This is followed by six more heats - every Wednesday up until 16th November - giving us a total of seven artists for the semi-finals. I wonder if they'll have a wildcard. I've often thought that it's a great pity when a heat as two great artists but only one can go through.....


  • the Semi Finals are on 23rd November
  • The Finals are on 30th November
  • The Commission Programme is on 7th December
As usual it will be hosted by Joan Bakewell and Stephen Mangan (below) and the Judges will be 

Watch out for my reviews

As usual, I'll be writing a review of the episode and publishing it within a couple of days of the broadcast - normally the next day.

You can read previous reviews at the bottom of this post. 

My reviews of each of the Heats cover:
  • the artists - with links to their websites and social media
  • the sitters
  • themes from the episode
  • reasons for shortlisting
  • shortlisted artists
  • who won

If you are a participating artist and want to make sure I've got your correct website URL and social media links please contact me via the email address on this page and tell me which heat you're in. (No timewasters please).

and get an email to your inbox every time I publish

I'm thinking of creating a checklist for myself from previous themes in previous years to see which are the most common!

I'm also looking out for those announcing their involved online - to give myself a head start on their profiles.

Reviews & Learning Points (PAOTY Series 5-8)

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