Thursday, September 29, 2022

2nd International Original Print Exhibition (2022)

I went to see the International Original Print Exhibition 2022 at the Bankside Gallery on the South Bank on Tuesday. It finishes on Sunday 2nd October.

I can certainly highly recommend it as a diverse collection of original fine art prints which demonstrate the diversity in different approaches to print-making

The prints also varied between the very colourful and monochrome.

All the works exhibited are the result of an open submission exhibition established by the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. The aim of the exhibition is to celebrate the best in all forms of contemporary printmaking.

These include

  • aquatint etching
  • chine collĂ©
  • copperplate engraving
  • digital 
  • drypoint
  • etching
  • giclee
  • hand stencilled screenprint
  • high relief carborundum
  • intaglio gravure
  • laser engraved woodcut
  • linocut
  • lithograph
  • mezzotint
  • mokuhanga (water-based woodblock)
  • monotype
  • photolithography
  • photopolymer etching
  • risograph
  • screenprint
  • silkscreen and woodcut
  • soft ground
  • solar etching
  • stone lithography
  • woodcut and stencil
  • woodblock
and variations on the above.

It's also an exhibition with a wide variety of sponsors of both the exhibition and/or individual awards.

The overall bias of subject matter is either abstracted or landscape oriented with fewer images of people than you might expect. 


The works hung have also been selected from thousands of entries. 

The guest selectors this year were:

  • Katriona Gillespie - a contemporary Australian art expert
  • Nadia Phillips - a curator
  • Dr John Phillips - former Director of the London Print Studio


One comment I would make is that this exhibition has NOT sold as many as I think it could and should have done. 

I think there might be three reasons for this
  • the Edition size is not noted on the label next to the print - and I never ever buy a unframed print without knowing what the edition size is (The information is available - it's just not there to seize the moment when somebody is interested!)
  • I've not seen a lot of marketing for the exhibition - and there are very few social media posts about it.
  • which is in part down to artists not making the effort to market their work either! Gail Brodholt's post is an isolated contribution!


PS If visiting you might be interested in seeing the Lubaina Humid exhibition next door at Tate Modern - which also finishes on 2nd October. 

I've uploaded some photos from that exhibition to my Making A Mark Facebook Page - see below

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