Thursday, April 18, 2019

Portrait Artist of the Year: 2019 Exhibition Tour & 2020 Semi-Final

This is about

  • where you can see an exhibition of portraits painted during the Portrait Artist of the Year 2019 competition by the Heat Winners and Finalists - which is touring the UK during April, May and June
  • how to see the Semi-Final for Portrait Artist of the Year 2020 (I'm going!)

Portrait Artist of the Year: 2019 Exhibition Tour

If you've been following the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2019, you'll doubtless be interested in seeing the exhibition which is at the following venues


  • Clarendon Gallery 46 Dover Street, London, W1S 4FF - until Wednesday 24th April 2019 (Monday - Saturday 9.00am - 6.00pm; Sunday Closed) - you'll need to query Easter Monday with them direct. They ask you to register your interest to attend the exhibition at - but I think they're only concerned about numbers.


Thereafter, exhibitions are limited to 2 days at weekends - so be sure to make a date in your diaries!


They do in fact have Galleries further north than Chester and Nottingham but the tour does not extend that far

Portrait Artist of the Year 2020: Semi-Final

At the end of this month - on 30th April 2019 - you can see the Semi-Final of the Portrait Artist of the Year 2020 - in which all the Heat Winners will be participating.

The image above tells you what you need to know - and 
DO NOT GO if you don't want to know who won which Heat - before it is televised! 
I know some of you don't like unexpected surprises!

I can however tell you that I watched every episode of the Heats for 2019 even though I already knew who was in the Final - because I watched it last June! It didn't make any difference whatsoever to my enjoyment of watching the programmes - including the Semi-Final. 

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