Thursday, April 25, 2019

Landscape Artist of the Year goes BIG!

Those of us who do not have Sky TV have been watching the Artist of the Year programmes on computers tablets and smartphones - in my case - an iMac and iPad Pro. Every time I wanted to watch it BIG I had to sit at my desk and watch it on my iMac.


As of this afternoon, I am now looking forward to watching Landscape Artist of the Year on my television!

The Now TV Stick instruction leaflet

That's because this afternoon I collected my brand new FREE Now TV Stick from the Sorting Office and installed it - after a false start on my TV.

I've been recommending people who don't have Sky to watch via Now TV - and I'm now suggesting for those who have already subscribed to Now TV (Entertainment Pass)
  • you also get hold of a Now TV Stick FOR FREE and 
  • get it installed before Landscape Artist of the Year starts.
If you already have a Now TV account you probably got an email this month offering you the FREE Stick. All you have to do is find the email and then send off for it.

Then install it!

It works if you have a television with HDMI slots which is connected to the internet.

I found the instructions a little opaque but finally figured it out. However I thought I'd make a note of what I did - and then thought I might as well share it with others who will be doing the same. Hence this post.

After I'd checked I'd got HDMI slots free - this is where the iPhone comes in handy when you don't want to turn the TV round.

checking my HDMI slots via a photo!
My stick wouldn't work with the "plug into your TV's USB slot" but worked fine one when I used the cable to plug into the power plug instead to power it (little white light winks on the stick when it's plugged in and powered up).

Then I just went to the AV button and selected the HDMI slot it was plugged into - and off we went through the installation.
  • First you have to pair your Now TV remote control with the TV - which seems to go pretty smoothly so long as you point it at the TV
  • Then you have to make a connection with your wifi - first choose the correct wifi network to joint - and then insert the wifi password! (Latter was the longest bit of the whole process!)
  • Next to get a connection to Now TV you must insert a code. The code will come up on the television screen - and then you need to go to to insert it. Make sure you've logged into your Now TV account in order to put in the code. 
  • Ignore the stuff about vouchers and passes if you already have one
  • Then basically it's getting the stick updated with the various apps
  • and before you know it you're starting at the normal Now TV screen on your television screen rather than your computer or tablet.

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