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Celebrity Painting Challenge on BBC1 - who's taking part?

Celebrity Painting Challenge is the second new art series on the BBC - on BBC1. 
Following on from my post TWO NEW BBC Art Shows last November, I can now reveal who's going to be doing the real work - the painting - and when the show starts!
Lachlan Goudie @lachlangoudie Mar 20
Strap on your palettes, arm your paint tubes and wind up the celebrities... here comes #CelebrityPaintingChallenge @BBCOne 8pm Thursday 4th April
Courtesy Mariella Frostrup Twitter
In this instance key facts and features are:
  • six "celebs" (names below) will find their artistic skills are tested by various challenges (as per the previous Big Painting Challenge with 'ordinary mortals'). It does occur to me that some of the might be more accurately referred to as 'former well known people on the box'.
  • the series starts on 4th April on BBC1 - with a self portrait and then hey get to paint a nude Keith Allen.

BBC One’s Celebrity Painting Challenge


The participants are
  • Jane Seymour - actress who has starred on both film and on television - who paints. She describes herself as an artist and homemaker on her website. She also has her very own Facebook Page called The Art of Jane Seymour. Here she is painting with Glenn Campbell on YouTube

  • Josie d'Arby - a Welsh television presenter and painter from Newport, Wales. She used to present a number of high-profile shows
  • Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen - Laurence gained his fine art degree at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts before going on to work for the design firm Peter Leonard Associates. His art website - which is actually really badly designed! His output has included Limited edition fine art prints for DeMontfort Fine Art (one of the major players in the UK repro print market)
  • Amber Le Bon - an English fashion model and the eldest of the three daughters of Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon and model Yasmin Probably better known for attending the celeb preview of the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art with her parents. Not big on images on her Twitter feed. 
  • George Shelley - an English singer, television and radio presenter and actor. He is known as a former member of the boy band Union J. In 2015, he competed in the fifteenth series of the ITV reality show I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! and finished as a runner-up. I'm guessing he's the male version of "the totty" - because those 'casting BBC programmes are so VERY predictable!

I'm trying to work why they are listed in this order. Is it in order of fee earned - or skill as a painter - or how long they lasted?

Interestingly, given the fact that the "names" are known for other reasons they are accorded the status of presenter (unlike The Artisans without a credit on Arts and Crafts House)

The rest is pretty much as indicated previously.



  • a four part series 
  • The Challenges will comprise
    • traditional - portraits, self-portraits, landscapes, still life and life drawings
    • fun challenges "with humour and a twist".
  • The Final will comprise "the toughest challenge yet"
  • A selection of paintings from the six artists will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to charity.
except for rather more detail about the nature of the first episode!

Episode 1

Six celebrities tackle the human form as they capture on canvas a nude Keith Allen and their own self-portraits. Our judges and the public pick whose art will hang in the gallery.

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