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The BBC has announced:
  • The Celebrity Painting Challenge a new programme testing the artistic skills of six well known people (as in you've probably heard of at least one of them)
  • The Artists Art Show - although trailed a new format for interest might be more accurate of what's happened so far.
Read on to find out what's happened so far.

The Celebrity Painting Challenge: Key Facts

  • to be broadcast in 2019 - due to air in Spring 2019. Filming should have started by now. (I wonder if they will go up against BP Portrait Artist of the Year?)
  • the celebrities are: 
    • actor Jane Seymour, 
    • musician and presenter George Shelley, 
    • cricketer and broadcaster Phil Tufnell, 
    • model and DJ Amber Le Bon, 
    • presenter Josie D’Arby and 
    • TV personality Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
  • the judges are: Daphne Todd and Lachlan Goudie who hitherto have been the Judges on The Big Painting Challenge
  • the mentors are back: Diana Ali and Pascal Anson
  • the presenter is Mariella Frostrup
  • the format is: a four part series. I'm trying to work out six people across four programmes and came up with
    • 2 programmes of 3 each - drop one at the end 
    • a semi final of four people - drop two at the end
    • a final of two people
    • OR 3 programmes with two challenges and six people and a final of a reduced number
  • The Challenges will comprise
    • traditional - portraits, self-portraits, landscapes, still life and life drawings
    • fun challenges "with humour and a twist". 
  • The Final will comprise
    • "the toughest challenge yet"
    • a selection of paintings from the six artists will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to charity.
So basically The Big Painting Challenge with celebrities - over a faster timescale!

The big challenge for me will be whether I can maintain my record of predicting the winner well before the end! ;) Plus I record online - so I'm not just saying that for effect! :)

NOTE: Celebrity Painting Challenge is due to air Spring 2019. It is a BBC Studios production, the Executive Producer is Kat Lennox and the Series Editor is Chi Ukairo. It was commissioned for BBC One by Charlotte Moore, Director BBC Content and Mark Bell, Head of Arts Commissioning.

BBC Artists Art Show - another new series - as well?

Recently this pic has been making the rounds on Facebook. The BBC is looking for artists. I know no more than what it says.

The BBC is looking for artists
It seems to be commission based/biased.  Maybe it's also linked to interior decoration themes? Anyway, it sounds different from anything done to date - although I do worry that Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is involved in the first show.....

Note it involves people from across the disciplines and includes potters, carvers, crafters, screen printers and street artists as well as painters.

Could it be this replaces "The Great Pottery Throw Down" which also got the chop?

This new programme could be OK - it certainly sounds a bit more grounded in reality. I wait to hear more with interest.....

If YOU are interested the email is in the image.

The niggles with BBC Painting Programmes

Some of you may recall that I wrote
Interestingly the celebrity show is a BBC Studios production - and the above has a BBC email address to respond to - suggesting BBC Studios may well be behind this programme as well.  Meaning that the awful people who made The Big Painting Challenge - who were basically a "talent show" team may well have been replaced. 

We can but hope....


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