Monday, March 04, 2019

Jeff George's new Pencil Storage

This is about a new pencil storage system for his art studio - devised by Jeff George CPSA, one of the the USA's leading coloured pencil artists.

Like others, he got inspiration for a new system when viewing what was on offer in IKEA.

If you're not a coloured pencil artist you need to understand that pencil artists have a habit of acquiring a huge number of pencils - plus back-ups for if they run out - but they present a real problem when it comes to storage.
I got inspired to revise my studio pencil storage system while recently walking through an Ikea store. Meet Skadis. My new pencil storage system with removable metal trays.Square metal cups and other attachable containers were also an option for this system, but I opted for the trays.
The trays hold the pencils and hook onto the peg board
I have labeled and lined each of the 20 trays, and will install small rubber picture frame bumpers (or felt) on the tray bottoms. (Note: I modified the welded hooks on two of the trays to be able to hang 7 trays to a panel instead of the normal 6.)
The trays shown contain the largest set of each brand listed. Luminance 76 set used 2 trays. Prismacolor 150 set used 4 trays etc. The brands I use the most are on the bottom half. (The Lightfast trays at the top are empty placeholders as I await Derwent's release of a larger set.)
Three Skadis peg boards and 20 Trays
The hundreds of extra replacement pencils which I have are organized and tucked away nearby, ready to quickly replace any of these pencils as they wear down. The goal is to always keep a full set available in the trays.
I'm happy with my solution. It was low cost, fits an out of view nook of my studio, and I can change out brands, and add more if I need to. Cheers.
However the system Jeff has come up with could actually be used for other art materials (tubes / jars of paint etc). What I like about it is that it both allows for simple and accessible storage - with everything sorted - and the storage doubles up as the container when the pencils are in use. They just unhook from the peg board.

About Skadis

I'm not sure of the dimensions of Jeff's system but took a look at the IKEA UK site - and there are lots of options for useful ways to store art media "stuff"

  • Skadis is pegboard by IKEA.  It costs £31.50 for a 76 x 56 cm (various sizes are available ) steel board with Epoxy/polyester powder coating
  • The trays cost £3 each. They're also made of steel with Epoxy/polyester powder coating and hook on to the peg board.
  • There are lots of options for various ways to store "stuff" on the peg board
PS. My new Raskog kitchen trolley  from IKEA is about to be made up for for storing my tubs of coloured pencils - so they can be wheeled around!

About Jeff George

Jeff studied at the Otis Art Institute and School of Design. He retired recently and moved from California to Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2002, he joined the Colored Pencil Society of America and since then he's been very busy winning prizes almost every year including the following top prizes
His work has also been featured in several art publications in the USA.

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