Sunday, March 03, 2019

Challenge: Show me your live streaming life drawings!

I know that there were a lot of people around the world who engaged with #LifeDrawingLive Challenge at the Royal Academy on Thursday evening (or whatever time of day it was for you).

Nobody was expecting that we would have be extremely challenged by
  • a very agile life model you can see the first "quickie pose" (!!!) in the YouTube screen below
  • a very small horse at the end
Romeo - a Welsh Mountain Pony for the Finale of the session
This is an invite to send me your best drawings for this challenge which I'll display on this blog later this week. Send me them by Friday 8th March - you can contact me using this email address (see right hand column)

That means that if anybody wants to still have a go they can. 
  • Just try watching the video of the Live Streaming Event - see below (which you can watch full screen on YouTube and see exactly what we saw on Thursday night)
  • No pausing of the video though - you have to sketch real time!
  • see my previous blog post Challenge #2: Life Drawing Live - from the Royal Academy

I decided that I'd try drawing on my new iPad Pro with my new Apple Pencil 2 - and used the Art Set app for that purpose.  It wasn't a good idea since I'd not practiced in advance which is why you're not seeing the early ones - but I persevered!

These are some of my sketches.  Plus some brief notes of some of the things Sarah Simblet said. It's worth watching the video just to hear her talk about drawing - and drawing anatomy

front view
The five elements for drawing are:
  1. subject
  2. intention
  3. material
  4. method
  5. time
Each is dependent on the other 

Rear view
Your quality of line depends on:
  1. speed
  2. length 
  3. direction
  4. pressure

I gave up on trying to draw the complete horse and just drew the head and shoulders!

The tonal values you see depend on the quality of the light which can be
  1. ambient (natural light)
  2. direct
  3. reflected
  4. translucent

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