Thursday, September 13, 2012

Karolina Glusiec wins £8,000 Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012

Still from Velocity, Karolina Glusiec
The £8,000 First Prize in the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012 has been won by a hand-drawn animation produced by Polish born Karolina Glusiec (Karolina Glusiec).  You can see a trailer for her animation below.

Karolina graduated with an MA Animation from the Royal College of Art ("the world’s most influential postgraduate art and design school") this summer and this animation was also included in the animation section of Show RCA 2012 in June.

Velocity (Trailer) from karolina glusiec on Vimeo.

Karolina comments
"For me drawing is the most sincere way of communication, and the most honest representation of one's thoughts and feelings."
This is the list of Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012 prizewinners:
  • First Prize (£8,000): Karolina Gluseic
  • Second Prize (£5,000): Bada Song is Korean and lives and works in London
  • Student Prize (£2,000): Katie Aggett (graduated with an MA in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art this summer - you can see her degree show by viewing her blog  - click link in her name)
  • Student Prize (£2,000): Min Kim (another MFA in Fine Art student at the Slade - this is her degree work)
  • Highly Commended: Jane Dixon.  She graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in printmaking in 1988 and has since won a number of awards and had a number of exhibitions.
You can see images of the other prizewinners below.  I've included the artist's own comments about their work where I could find this on their websites (click link in their name after quote to see their website)

Second Prize -  Ta - iL 28, Bada Song
My recent woks are based on traditional Korean roof tiles and use graphite - a material reminiscent of their dark, rough ceramic. Such tiles are disappearing from rapidly modernizing life and architecture. My drawings disrupt the familiarity of their forms, bringing into question what the viewer encounters as surface, depth and shape. These works allow a cultural enquiry to develop into a more formal investigation involving perception, perspective and illusion. The titles of the works refer to the English word ‘tile’ pronounced as it has been adopted in Korean.Bada Song
Student Prize - Waiting by Min Kim
Student Prize: N1C 4TB, W10 5UU by Katie Aggett
Highly Commended - Platform by Jane Dixon
"The drawings are a continuation of my interest in the relationship between the real and the artificial or invented. The idea of a model being a representation of something which either exists, an authentic representation of the real thing, or which is the 3D embodiment of an imagined object, is one which I find interesting in relation to the act of drawing and representation in two dimensions....... The drawings incorporate surface rubbings from the physical world and pure invention to make both a conceptual and visual play with the real and potential scale of the object depicted."Jane Dixon - about the Model Series

The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012 Exhibition includes diverse interpretations of contemporary drawing.  Details are below:
  • AT: Jerwood Space, 171 Union St, SE1 0LN
  • BETWEEN: 12 September – 28 October 2012 (Mon-Fri10am–5pm, Sat&Sun 10am–3pm)
  • ADMISSION: Free 
  • NEAREST TUBE: Southwark, London Bridge or Borough 
  • TWITTER: @JerwoodJVA #JDP12 
The exhibition will then tour to venues across the UK including the new Jerwood Gallery, Hastings and mac, Birmingham.

Below you can find links to past Jerwood Drawing Exhibitions featured on this blog.


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