Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Interior scenes from life

Today I signed up for a project - "Interior Scenes from Life" in the new Wet Canvas Artwork from Life Forum. The idea is to draw or paint an interior from life (ie no photos allowed) during the month of February.

I very much enjoy working on Interiors as some of the early posts on this journal evidence. My Interiors Gallery of drawings on my website has been highlighted as a reference for the project - as has Laurelines Gallery of Interiors from Laura's January project to draw an interior everyday. I so admire Laura's tenacity with this project. She's turned out a stunning gallery of drawings of various scenes. I love the commentary which goes with them in the January section of her weblog. I also very much like the other references which Jamie has chosen to get the creative juices going - some Edward Hopper Interiors and a website gallery of paintings by an artist called Charles Sovek who I've not come across before. He refers to them as "colourful indoor encounters" and they're certainly very colourful. I'm sure all three artists will be very stimulating in their different ways.

I tried using a sub-gallery on my Interiors gallery page and I'm still not sure whether I want to keep this or not - I'm not sure people realise that there are more images underneath when you click on the main gallery image. Which is a pity as it's for the drawings I did for "Drawing the Bigger Inner Space" of the Interior of St Paul's Cathedral

Now the big question is - do I tidy up or not?

Or do I go back to St Pauls and do that scene I spotted near the end of my series of visits? It's really nice to have the option of hopping on the tube and being there in not very many minutes.

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