Friday, February 10, 2006

On the Vine

This is a new Small Work (7 x 5") - drawn from life using coloured pencils on black Canson MiTeintes paper. It's not going on the website as I'm having problems with the various reds which appear to be sinking into the black paper I've used.

It's a problem I've noticed before with other colours. I've tried using the normal "work around" for this problem which is getting a neutral white underpainting down first - but it doesn't appear to be working on this occasion for some reason - very frustrating.

It's also really difficult to get a good scan on the black paper. I think I'm going to start using a neutral coloured frame to hide the bare black paper before scanning work on black paper as all the paper which isn't part of the image completely dominates the colour profile of the scan and I always end up having to do an awful lot of adjustments to get it to read true on screen . Well my screen actually - as your screen probably has a different colour calibration.......... which is a whole different topic!

Anyway, this was just to record that not everything always goes according to plan! But I've always found that you can always learn something from art work that doesn't quite "work" and apply that learning next time...........

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  1. I'm sorry you're having trouble getting the reds right but you've intrigued me with your story, so I now want to have a go at this myself! Sometime in February, I'll try this and let you know what happened. I'm really enjoying your blog, btw---it is very informative and fun to read about the processes involved in your art making.
    Laura of

  2. I love your tomatoes, and would like to see more.


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