Monday, February 13, 2006

Burford Browns and Old Cotswold Legbars #1

Don't "proper" eggs have absolutely wonderful names? I saw these on my shopping trip for food and had to have them for yet another still life! I think the combination of that shade of pale duck egg blue and brown is just amazing!

And I'm getting maximum value out of them as they "posed" for a 'small work' yesterday and have now switched to a bowl and will be making another appearance in a larger work which is in progress.

I really like doing eggs. I was first attracted to images of eggs when I saw Sally Strand's wonderful pastel painting of "Eggs Underwater" which is simply ENORMOUS! I aspire to having the nerve to do a pastel painting which is, in effect 3 feet by 4 feet. My very much smaller efforts started when I saw some wonderful photos of eggs taken by a lady whose handle is "Olika". These can be seen on my "Food" page on my website. This current "Small Work" (5" x 7" - tiny, tiny, tiny in comparison to Sally Strand's) and the larger one in progress are being done from life and the drawing has been 'eyeballed'.

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