Thursday, February 23, 2006

Drawing Monet

...........and then after I'd been to the lecture and visited the exhibition, without drawing breath or even having a cup of tea I raced around the galleries seeing all my favourite paintings before finally remembering that it was Wednesday and late night opening! It was the music being played which reminded me!

So finishing my gallup in the Impressionist rooms I sat down and did a sketch. I used a mechanical clutch pencil across two pages of my black Daler Rowney sketchbook, of a couple of Monets. This is a merged scan of the double page spread which is equivalent in size to A3 .

The problem of having people in front of me constantly viewing the paintings was resolved by having three on the go at once - so which ever one they stood in front of I did one of the others. But then I had the problem of how to represent the fact that people were always coming and going. And so I used a technique I learned recently - which is to suggest them without giving them full form. After all they are transitory and the paintings will go on in this place for ever!

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Cin said...

beautiful sketchbook page! love the transparent moving crowds, a perfect solution for this subject!

ming said...

i saw a monet exhibition in japan, and it took my breath away, i'm not an impressionist, but the 2 hours spent in the room with all the paintings helped my art mature!

Papierflieger said...

A very inspiring drawing, a light and relaxed reflection on Monet..

Laureline said...

You are the only other person I know of who is as determined as I am to sketch NO MATTER WHAT, under this type of condition. I think it is touching in a funny way that you've chosen to draw the paintings hanging, as opposed to the paintings themselves. I can't tell you why I find it touching because I don't know. I also like your solution regarding the moving crowds. Such a nice drawing and blog entry, Katherine.

Making A Mark said...

Thanks for the comments folks.

Laura - in response to your comment: one of my earliest memories of an art gallery concerns when I visited the National Gallery for the very first time. I saw Monet's bridge over the lily pond at Giverny - and was really surprised at how relatively small it was. In my head I'd always imagined it as being enormous. Of course when I got the Orangerie in Paris I got the shock the other way round when I saw the big water lily panels down in the basement.

I suppose I also like to have drawings that remind me of the place I saw something as well as the image itself.

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