Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fur in the Paint

My good friend Gayle Mason, who is an accomplished animal artist, is starting a blog relating to her art and her furry family - called very aptly "Fur in the Paint".

Gayle is a very talented and very organised lady. She has a demanding job, looks after her rough collies (the furry family) and three chaps (the non-furry family) and, at the same time, produces fine art paintings of cats and dogs, arranges the production of fine art prints and manages her on-line store listings and distributes her prints to her very many satisfied customers in the UK and overseas. She even fits in the odd commission from time to time!

Her activities also include showing her collies at various dog shows around the country - with Juno (her youngest) appearing at the Pastoral and Working Dogs Day at the Crufts Dog Show on 9th March this year - and sharing her techniques for drawing stunning eyes and fur in both cats and dogs.

I feel tired just writing it all down. Gayle on the other hand just gets on with it "doggedly" and quietly and excels at delivering high quality output (be it dog or drawing) to deadline. She is simply amazing.

The link to her website with its galleries of cat and dog portraits is in the right hand column - and this is the link to her new blog - she's half way through introducing the furry family - three down only four to go!

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