Monday, February 27, 2006

Drawing development in children

I was admiring the drawings been done by the 19 month old child of an artist friend of mine yesterday (I think she's been watching her mum at work!) and thought it very advanced. Which led me to try and find something on the web providing an illustrated and annotated description of how drawing develops in children.

which led me to finding this excellent website about drawing development in children developed by Susan K Donley and adapted from teacher inservice training materials for early childhood, art education, and special education workshops. This particular work was done for a teacher workshop.

Drawing development is analysed according to the views of Viktor Lowenfield - as expressed in "Creative and Mental Growth" and Betty Edwards - the latter being the author of a book I recommend to a lot of people starting to draw "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain".

So interesting to see two perspectives on drawing development in children of different age groups set side by side. They identify how the use of symbols by children develops over time and when their search for realism starts.

Maybe they could continue their good work for those of us who have left school behind us.........? I find the range of drawing styles in adults to be truly fascinating and wonder all the time about what it says about our education and ourselves.

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  1. This is, as always and ever, beautiful, Katherine. I wonder if you might think of adding a touch or two of darker darks somewhere. I know they probably didn't exist in nature on that day, cloudy as it was and with all the blued deep space you have. Just a thought. It certainly stands beautifully as it is. Thank you for your kind comment on my Blogday post ;D. I come here everyday and so enjoy seeing what you're up to!


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